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Do you know the benefits of cordless vacuum cleaner?

No matter how hard we want to avoid it – Vacuuming the house is a essential chore to keep your home clean and fresh.

However, there are more benefits to it, when we choose a highly efficient, as well as light and eye-catching vacuum cleaner.

What to do if you forgot to empty the pockets before loading the laundry machine?

Cold season is here and so are long forgotten (used) tissues in the pockets. All fun is gone once you wash them with the rest of the laundry.

How to get rid of little paper pieces scattered across your fresh laundry and what to do when you wash your wallet and jewelry.

The Hisense Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Looking for the very best gifts for the whole family this Christmas? Hisense have complied our favourites for every occasion.

Including the best gifts for the living room or treating the kids to their very own tv this year! So no more fighting over the remote in the family room.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Holiday season is here … but stay calm and embrace the holiday spirit. It holds so many wonderful moments you really don’t want to miss.

Like always, there will be some cooking and baking involved, which can be a lot easier if you have the best kitchen appliances.

The best oven for this months festivities

The turkey or meat free alternative is the central focus of most peoples Christmas dinner. But let’s not forget about the other stars of the show, the pigs in blankets, the golden roast potatoes and mountain of vegetables ready to fill your plate.

With a 77L capacity the BSA6522BPUK oven takes all the hassle out of cooking your Christmas dinner.

Take the best Christmas (or any other) movie to the next level

Kicking-off the holiday season with some good Christmas movies. You can now take this to another level with Hisense Laser L9G TV. Breath taking picture quality and amazing sound.

Our Laser TV is the most sophisticated TV you can choose for your home cinema experience at this moment.

Watch all your Disney favourites with the streaming service now across Hisense TV’s

With the colder weather incoming, it is officially binge-watching season, Hisense we have announced that the popular streaming platform Disney+ is now available across our smart TV range.

Disney+ is the dedicated streaming home for movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Best simple snacks you can create at home

Since we have been spending more time inside, our televisions have truly become our window to the world. Replacing live concerts, movies, any real-life events basically.

To help you upgrade any viewing experience we have prepared some simple and easy to follow recipes.

Get ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is a dream come true for shoppers and retailers. Make sure that is everything you ever dreamed about and that you make the most out it by reading this.

Plan, set your budget, monitor, go digital.

Let’s talk Hisense A7 QLED TV, a star model of high contrasts in deep blacks

With Black Friday around the corner let’s talk products worth splashing out on.

Like television. Like the Hisense A7 QLED, TV with stunning contrast, impressive black level & stereo sound.

Hisense’s top picks this Black Friday

Like many companies Hisense will be offering amazing deals this Black Friday, but we have also created a guide to our ‘best picks’ of what we have to offer this year. 

With Christmas festivities back with a bang this year, why not invest in your kitchen appliances ahead of all the celebrations at home.

How to use your tumble dryer this winter

Colder temperatures and unreliable weather that make drying clothes harder are already here. They are some of the reasons some households enjoy using the tumble dryers.

If you are considering getting one, we are here with answers to popular questions about tumble dryers.