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Hisense becomes official partner of Leeds united in the premier league!

Hisense signs two-year partnership which also sees high profile branding on the Premier League club’s iconic Elland Road East Stand.

Read all about the exciting news!

Hisense brings a touch of magic to the kitchen!

This month, we have launched our brand-new ‘Showtime’ marketing campaign celebrating our portfolio of kitchen products, including refrigeration, hobs, hoods and ovens.

Take a look to see what makes this campaign so, ‘Showstopping’.

What kind of refrigerator should you choose for a modern kitchen?

Somehow, you found yourself planning your dream home in which the kitchen plays a central role – it’s the place where the whole family gets together and happily prepares Sunday lunch!

Check out Hisense top tips for when buying a new Refrigerator.

Trick or Treat? No Trick. Just Treat

Halloween is a celebration that takes place on 31st October! A spooky season dedicated to remembering the dead.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for some tips on how to mark this special holiday.

7 Hisense Hacks to Clean Your Fridge Easily

We usually tackle a really thorough cleaning of our fridge only a few times a year, either as part of the spring cleaning routine or after important holidays, like Christmas. Take a look at Hisense seven quick and useful hacks that will help you maintain your fridge and keep it clean – every day!

It’s Freezy Peasy!

So, you’ve frozen your food. What happens when you want to use it? Helen White, Special Advisor on Household Food Waste tells us her top advice for defrosting like a boss!

10 things you may not know about food waste!

According to the latest data from WRAP, around 70% of the food we throw away could have been avoided!
We spoke to Helen White, a Special Advisor on Household Food Waste, who has provided us with some shocking stats that will make you think twice before throwing out your slightly browned bananas.

Movies that are made for the big screen!

Take a look at some of the best films to watch on a big screen, and get to know the technology behind Laser TV to better understand how Hisense 100-inch Laser TV delivers a true-cinema-experience.

Hisense reveals how to organise your fridge, the Marie Kondo way!

Hisense have partnered with Marie Kondo-certified Professional Home Organiser Sue Spencer to give some insight into how we should be organising our fridge. The results? Less food waste, reduced cleaning time and just making life easier.

Thank You, NHS Heroes!

To show our gratitude for our health heroes, Hisense gave nominated key workers the chance to meet one of their footballing heroes, and win a brand new Hisense TV! 

Bring cinema home with the new Hisense 100” L5 Laser TV

Offering real cinema experiences for the home, Hisense have expanded their Laser TV lineup with the launch of a new 100” model – the Hisense 100L5 4K HDR Smart Laser TV. Take a look at the latest in Hisense Laser TV technology and some of the key benefits.

5 reasons why the Hisense U7Q is the TV you need this year!

The new 2020 TV range marks another step forward for Hisense, with a variety of cutting-edge technologies ensuring a unique viewing experience. Check out why everyone’s going crazy for the U7Q!