Wine coolers are one of those kitchen items which may seem unnecessary but have their hidden perks. So, if you’re looking for a bit of convincing, or an excuse to give your partner an exceptional gift, look no further. Here are 3 reasons why a wine cooler makes a great edition to your home!

Summertime chill

Summer is arguably the best time of year. Whilst British weather is slightly unpredictable, when it is sunny you have the perfect excuse to host a BBQ. Often BBQ’s mean the fridge is entirely full of goodies like meats, fruit, and cheeses. Ideally, you want to have the fridge stocked with cool drinks, leaving room for the gifted beverages from friends and family. Hisense makes both a 46 and 54 bottle capacity which are essential for these situations. Even if you don’t re-stock your wine fridge frequently it can make itself especially useful for storing drinks which won’t fit in the fridge, but need to be cool, for a crisp taste on hot summer days.

Keeping your cool!

The technicalities to keep all fridge food as fresh as possible; your fridge should sit at 5 degrees and under. This proves complicated for keeping wine at its optimum temperature when using the same fridge. Studies show that white wine should sit between 8 – 12 degrees, red at 12-18, and dessert wine at 5-8* otherwise it will no longer retain its ‘full flavour and aroma’. Thankfully, our wine coolers have a feature which makes keeping your wine at its optimum very simple; the touch electronic temperature control allows you to store wine at the perfect temperature between 5-20 degrees, the humidity and total no frost function also support this, so your wine is ready to decant instantly! This means you can enjoy a fresh salad and a glass of wine on a summer day, with both components cooled to perfection.


Stock up for winter!

If you often find yourself hosting parties throughout the year, a wine cooler serves an integral purpose. Summer is here but winter is fast approaching. Be prepared for Bonfire night, Halloween, Christmas, and New year, where it’s a promise that your fridge will be completely full! For these holidays, you will find a wine cooler very useful, full for family and friends, especially after Christmas.

Overall, wine coolers are a good conversation starter, look great in the kitchen, and comes in handy even for people who are looking to chill and store their bottles.


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