Ready to take your TV experience to the next level? Well, the moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! Across participating retailers, Hisense are thrilled to be announcing that they are offering 50% off selected Hisense soundbars when purchased with selected 2023 Hisense TVs, such as our award-winning U7K Mini-LED TV.

Available from 13th September 2023 to 10th October 2023, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to elevate your entertainment setup to new heights.

Featured in this promotion, our AX5100G soundbar offers a 7-speaker array alongside Dolby Atmos, providing a realistic surround sound, and a cinematic experience straight from your living room.

And, thanks to the wireless subwoofer, there will be no messy, tangled wires on show in your home.

You can also connect via Bluetooth too, so enjoy playing your favourite music around the house via this multi-use speaker!

Please ensure that you put the Soundbar in the basket with your selected TV, as it must be processed in the same transaction for it to count! Each retailer will have their own conditions with this discount such as specific codes to be used at checkout so be sure to double check were applicable.

Upgrade your entertainment experience today with Hisense!


*T&Cs apply and may differ dependant on each retailer

Find out more about this offer by visiting our retail partners such as Currys, Argos and AO.


Qualifying Products


Model Code                            Product Type

120L9HTUKA                           Laser TV

100L9HTUKD                          Laser TV

120L5HTUKA                           Laser TV

100L5HTUKD                          Laser TV

65UXKQTUK                            Mini-LED TV

75U8KQTUK                            Mini-LED TV

65U8KQTUK                            Mini-LED TV

55U8KQTUK                            Mini-LED TV

100U7KQTUK                          Mini-LED TV

85U7KQTUK                           Mini-LED TV

75U7KQTUK                           Mini-LED TV

65U7KQTUK                           Mini-LED TV

55U7KQTUK                          Mini-LED TV

65U6KQTUK                          Mini-LED TV

55U6KQTUK                          Mini-LED TV

75E7KQTUK                           PRO QLED TV

65E7KQTUK                           PRO QLED TV

55E7KQTUK                           PRO QLED TV



AX5100G                              Soundbar

AX3120G                              Soundbar

HS2100                                 Soundbar

HS218                                   Soundbar