When award winning chef Chris Blackburn wants to throw down some mouth-watering recipes in your office, you welcome him with open arms and let him do his thing. When food is involved, we don’t mess around here at Hisense. Lucky for us, our appliances were the perfect fit for what Chris wanted to treat us to, with features that perfectly grilled, melted and cooked his top tier ingredients. The star of the show was the BSA65222PXUK oven, which handled everything Chris threw at it with ease. When it comes to Big Match days, the 77L capacity of the BSA65222PXUK will make light work of cooking for all those mouths.

We just know you’ll love his recipe’s just as much as we do, so we managed to convince him to share them. Whether you’re already accustomed with the chef quality features Hisense cooking appliances deliver, or looking to make the first step to upgrading your culinary skills, these recipes couldn’t be more perfect for you to try!


Dog In the Hole

The first recipe that Chris cooked up was a rather unique one. You wouldn’t be mistaken for thinking there was some sort of typo there, why else would you be reading dog instead of toad. But trust us, its intentional. With this recipe, spice up the classic dish by supplementing traditional sausages for their American counterpart. We were sceptical too, but it will be sure to knock your socks of.


4 Hog Dog Sausages

1 tbsp coconut oil

140g plain flour

2 eggs

175ml semi-skimmed milk

Red Onion

Crispy Onions

American Mustard


Beef Dripping


Heat the oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. This was a breeze for Chris with the BSA65222PXUK ‘s handy 5-minute preheat function.

Next, put the hot dog-style sausages in a 20 x 30cm roasting tin with your oil of choice and bake for 15 mins until browned.

Meanwhile, make the batter. Tip the flour into a bowl with ½ tsp salt, make a well in the middle and crack the eggs into it. Use an electric whisk to mix it together, then slowly add the milk, whisking all the time. Leave to stand until the sausages are nice and brown.

Remove the sausages from the oven – be careful because the fat will be sizzling hot – but if it isn’t, put the tin on the hob for a few minutes until it is.

Pour in the batter mix, transfer to the top shelf of the oven, then cook for 25-30 mins. With the BSA65222PXUK ‘s cutting—edge Steam Add function cooking the batter to golden perfection has never been easier. As water evaporates, steam is used to create the ideal moist environment, which is great for getting any dough to rise evenly.

Once you’re happy with the way the Dog in the Holes are looking just take them out. Chris recommends serving with gravy and your favourite veg, for an extra bit of flavour


Korean Style Nachos

The next finger licking recipe that Chris whipped up, much to our delight, was a delicious Korean take on nachos. This much-loved match day snack was given a new lease of life with an array of Korean spices and sauces.


6 tbsp dark brown sugar

2 tbsp gochujang (Korean chilli paste)

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 large garlic cloves, crushed

Small piece ginger, grated

2 tsp sesame oil

Spring Onions

Sesame Seeds

Tortilla chips

Grated Cheese


The instructions below were made for use with the hob, but Chris used the BSA65222PXUK Hisense oven, and they came out just as good – if not better! So don’t worry if you don’t have access to a hob for this recipe.

Start by adding an oil of choice to a saucepan (Chris recommends coconut oil, or beef dripping), and then add (in this order) garlic, yellow onion, brown sugar, kosher salt, black pepper, cayenne, chicken thighs, ketchup, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce.

Place over high heat and wait until you can hear the garlic sizzling in the bottom of the pan, about 30 seconds. Let garlic sizzle for about 30 seconds before adding the water. Stir everything together and wait for the mixture to boil.

Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer, uncovered, until the chicken falls apart, about 1 1/2 hours.

Stir in the green onions and peppers and cook until the peppers just turn tender, 3 to 5 minutes more. Taste for seasoning.

Remove from heat and serve on nachos. And trust us the thicker the better, as nobody wants the perfect bite to break off just as its about to reach your mouth. Tragic!

When all the snacks have been demolished, turn your attention back to the Big Game, whilst the Pyrolytic Self-Clean feature on the BSA65222PXUK oven blasts away any dirt. Just wipe off the debris and surprise your future self with a lovely, sparkly oven the next time you cook.

How tasty do these recipes sound?! We can’t take any credit for the recipes Chris served us, but we can promise you the incredible features of the BSA65222PXUK oven made cooking for the whole Hisense office staff simpler, and ensured the food was cooked to perfection!

Learn more about the Hisense BSA65222PXUK oven here.