Offering real cinema experiences for the home, Hisense have expanded their Laser TV lineup with the launch of a new 100” model – the Hisense 100L5 4K HDR Smart Laser TV.

Let’s take a look at the latest in Hisense Laser TV technology and some of the key benefits!


A healthier way to watch TV

Unlike conventional TVs, Hisense Laser TV is easy on the eyes. The light you see on a Laser TV screen isn’t shone directly into your eyes, but is instead reflected – first the light is thrown from the Laser TVs console onto the screen, and then it is reflected from the screen to reach your eyes. As a result, the way you watch a Laser TV mirrors the way we see the world around us, for a more natural viewing experience.

With less harmful blue light, the 100L5 has been certified by TUV Rheinland as a low blue light hardware solution, reducing eye strain over longer viewing periods for more comfortable, safer viewing.

Breathtaking colour and detail

Utilising X-Fusion Laser Light and Laser Engine technologies, Hisense Laser TV deliver images that exceed the standard 4K colour range. Pure Colour enables the colour display of Laser TV to surpass all colours existing in nature by reaching an incredible 90% of colours recognisable by the human-eye.

The blue laser light produces a razor-sharp picture with incredible detail and delivering over 8 million pixels across 100 inches –  for images full of clarity, colour and brightness.

Immersive sound

The 100L5 console embeds 30W speakers and support Dolby Atmos technology, meaning you can enjoy a cinematic audio experience straight from your living room – with individual sounds coming from all directions, even overhead!

The real cinema experience

Why settle for a smaller TV when the Laser TV delivers over 136% more screen area than a standard 65-inch LED TV. The launch of the 100” L5 Laser TV means you can enjoy bigger screen sizes at greater affordability in comparison to LED technology.

Not to mention the soft screen material on the 100L5 allows an easier set-up and wider viewing angles of nearly 180 degrees – no more fighting over the best seat in the house.


Visit here for more information on the Hisense 100L5 Laser TV.