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Microwave gratinated Jacob shells with mozzarella

Like home cooking, microwaves are moving into the spotlight for their efficiency and easy usage.

To prove that we suggest trying out gratinated Jacob shells with mozzarella made in your microwave oven.

Microwave chamomile soup

What better way to take your microwave on another level. At Hisense we’ve prepared a delicious easy-to-make recipe for chamomile soup.

Thanks to only a few ingredients and a perfect microwave, this will dish will be a weekly favorite once you’ve tried it.

Not Just an Oven. It’s your home fortress.

Did you know that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to microwaves? They are not made only for reheating, defrosting, and making popcorn, but so much more.

With their advanced technology they can be your best friend when it comes to some major culinary adventures.

How to clean your reusable water bottle

While staying hydrated is important, also super important is to keep your reusable water bottle in top shape.

This means cleaning the bottle regularly, with special attention to lid, straw (if you have it) and lid. To make the most out of your reusable bottle it is important to take proper care of your bottle.

Treat your guests with some heavenly strips also known as churros

Treat your party guests with some homemade oven-baked churros. All you need are some basic ingredients like water, butter, sugar, salt, flour, and egg. Follow this easy to make recipe and enjoy.

Valentine’s Day dessert you’d want to share with your loved ones

We all know that nothing says Valentine better than heart-shaped box of chocolate, red roses, and Valentine’s card.

But what can make it more special and personal, is something homemade. Like dinner.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Holiday season is here … but stay calm and embrace the holiday spirit. It holds so many wonderful moments you really don’t want to miss.

Like always, there will be some cooking and baking involved, which can be a lot easier if you have the best kitchen appliances.

The best oven for this months festivities

The turkey or meat free alternative is the central focus of most peoples Christmas dinner. But let’s not forget about the other stars of the show, the pigs in blankets, the golden roast potatoes and mountain of vegetables ready to fill your plate.

With a 77L capacity the BSA6522BPUK oven takes all the hassle out of cooking your Christmas dinner.

Best simple snacks you can create at home

Since we have been spending more time inside, our televisions have truly become our window to the world. Replacing live concerts, movies, any real-life events basically.

To help you upgrade any viewing experience we have prepared some simple and easy to follow recipes.

Delicious and easy Halloween (trick-or-) treats

Making Halloween memorable doesn’t mean spending a lot of money shopping for ingredients, it’s about having fun in the kitchen decorating cookies and turning bananas into ghosts. It’s about carving a scary pumpkin and roasting its seeds.

Don’t let the Halloween trick-or-treaters catch you unprepared with an empty cupboard.

Enjoy a low-waste Christmas Dinner with top tips from Hisense

While Christmas meals may be enjoyed on a smaller scale this year, we think it’s still important to consider ways to reduce your food waste during the festive period.

Check out Hisense top tips for a low-waste Christmas Dinner!

Hisense brings a touch of magic to the kitchen!

This month, we have launched our brand-new ‘Showtime’ marketing campaign celebrating our portfolio of kitchen products, including refrigeration, hobs, hoods and ovens.

Take a look to see what makes this campaign so, ‘Showstopping’.