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Which Hisense TV is perfect for binge watching and why.

Binge watching season is officially underway. We all know the classics: from Friends to the Office to Breaking Bad.

And if you’re a devoted binge watcher like us, you have probably seen them all. Of course, if you are in the mood to follow Rachel and the gang at Central Perk again, go for it. However, if you’re looking for more inspiration, we have rounded up some of our new favourite series’ our team is binge watching right now.

What TV should you buy?

From ULED, OLED and QLED to laser TV, buying a TV set nowadays has become more of a master’s degree than a simple purchase.

Gone are the days when you simply went to a shop and bought a TV. Now you can find a TV completely tailored to your needs.

Breaking myths about laser TV with Hisense Ultrashort Throw Trichroma Laser TV

For experiencing the laser TV to the fullest you don’t need to be a millionaire, or have a dark room, white screen, and expensive sound system.

All these are a thing of the past, all you really need is Hisense Ultrashort Throw Trichroma Laser TV with its cutting-edge technology.

Laser TV vs Projectors vs LED TV

You heard it here first – purchasing a Laser TV is an investment!

We have designed all our Laser TV/Cinemas to be used daily, as such they are able to replace an existing TV, so if you are looking to upgrade to a supersize screen then look no further than a Laser TV.

Laser TV innovative technology is designed with your safety in mind

No matter if you are binging on boxsets or watching the ultimate trilogy, thanks to the TUV certified low blue light technology, tired eyes are a thing of the past.

Check out why Hisense Laser TVs are a safe choice for your home.

The Magic behind a Laser TV screen

The big screen meets the smart screen! No matter what Laser TV model you choose, it comes with an Ambient Light Rejecting Screen (ALR), this means no matter where you are watching or what light is filling the room, you are going to have the perfect picture – every time. 

Find out how an ALR screen works.

Hisense explains Laser TV

If you didn’t know already, Laser TV is the new kid on the block that everyone’s talking about and itching to get to know.

Film lover? Then look no further than an ultra-short-throw Laser TV, which truly brings the cinema into your own home!

5 tips on how to make the ultimate home cinema experience!

Have you thought about creating your very own home cinema during lockdown?

Well, you’re not alone. In our latest research, we discovered that 12.8 million UK households have either thought about, or actually created a cinema in their homes over the last 12 months.

Movies that are made for the big screen!

Take a look at some of the best films to watch on a big screen, and get to know the technology behind Laser TV to better understand how Hisense 100-inch Laser TV delivers a true-cinema-experience.

Bring cinema home with the new Hisense 100” L5 Laser TV

Offering real cinema experiences for the home, Hisense have expanded their Laser TV lineup with the launch of a new 100” model – the Hisense 100L5 4K HDR Smart Laser TV. Take a look at the latest in Hisense Laser TV technology and some of the key benefits.