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Let the WD5S1045BW Take the Load off Your Back this Summer

It’s that time of the year again, summer festival season! When the sun does make an appearance, there’s nothing better than listening to groovy songs and discovering your new favourite artists. Regardless of the festival you are going to this season, one thing is for certain; you need a reliable washer dryer that can keep up with all the fun. The Hisense 5S series is a reliable solution, containing all the functions you need, limiting the time spent on laundry, and giving you freedom through summer!

Have Yourself a Sweat Free Summer

Experience the best of summer without worrying about stubborn sweat stains, thanks to Hisense’s exceptional range of laundry appliances. Designed with cutting-edge technology, these appliances ensure that you’re always ready to bask in the sun, while keeping your clothes fresh and clean.

Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe with Hisense Washing Machines’ Laundry Steam Clean Technology

Summer heat approaches just as June rolls in, so it’s time to enhance your confidence and embrace the new season with a fresh and clean wardrobe.

Why a Tumble-Dryer is essential to your home

March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers is the infamous saying in the UK, and there is definitely some truth to it! April tends to be a showery month, despite the welcoming of spring and the rising temperatures. So, the luxury of hanging our washing out instead of using a tumble dryer isn’t yet here.

Can the way you wash your laundry impact your skin?

The unpredictable weather in the UK can can be a catalyst for skin changes, especially for those with hypersensitive skin.

Whilst the seasons are slowly changing it’s important to know how to use your washing machine correctly, and keep irritation to a minimum.

Best washing machine for quick washes?

After scoring an impressive 75/100 rating from good housekeeping, the Hisense WFQA1214EVJM has been named the best washing machine for quick washes.

With the WFQA1214EVJM, the Hisense quick wash programme allows 1k loads to be washed in a quick 15 minutes!

The perfect tumble dryer for you

Winter weather is rapidly approaching which means its time to retire the washing line and find out what tumble dryer is right for your home.

When it comes to tumble dryer shopping it can feel overwhelming. These aren’t items we shop for regularly, so when we do there are often a myriad of new features that we didn’t know existed to consider.

5 laundry hacks to save time and money

Stay on top of your laundry by doing it smart, with shorter cycles, steaming instead of washing, and avoiding ironing by folding the laundry as soon as it’s done.

Laundry day. We all hate the sound of it. Sacrificing a whole (or a few hours) day of our weekend to sort, pre-soak, wash, and fold immense piles of clothes.

Taking care of your clothes while living in an apartment

How to do laundry in smaller spaces? You can buy a slim washing machine, you can built shelves above appliances to get some additional useful space, you can invest in a tumble dryer (or even a washer-dryer).

The latter will come in hand with avoiding ironing, hence no need to own a ironing board.

What to do if you forgot to empty the pockets before loading the laundry machine?

Cold season is here and so are long forgotten (used) tissues in the pockets. All fun is gone once you wash them with the rest of the laundry.

How to get rid of little paper pieces scattered across your fresh laundry and what to do when you wash your wallet and jewelry.

How to use your tumble dryer this winter

Colder temperatures and unreliable weather that make drying clothes harder are already here. They are some of the reasons some households enjoy using the tumble dryers.

If you are considering getting one, we are here with answers to popular questions about tumble dryers.

How to get your laundry pristine – a student’s guide

As some students are finishing their first term at university, at Hisense, we wanted to find out the success rates of Gen-Zers with their laundry skills before they move and possibly shrink all their clothes!

After undertaking new research, we found that almost two in five (37%) of young adults aged 18-24 don’t feel confident in understanding their clothing care labels.