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Stay Cool Indoors: The Ultimate TV Entertainment Guide for July

Technological advancements in television displays have revolutionised the way we enjoy visual content. Our new range of Mini LED-ULED TVs offer an immersive viewing experience like never before

Host your own cinema night this Valentine’s Day, with Hisense.

The run up to Valentine’s Day is always stressful, regardless of how you spend it.
Panic booking the local restaurant because you have realised that most of the good places are gone can often steal the beauty of spending the day with loved ones.

ULED, QLED, OLED and Mini-led – Hisense’s simple guide to television technologies.

Technology is continuously growing, so it can often be overwhelming when attempting to stay acquainted with specific, technical terms whilst on the search for a new television. 

 Hisense has put together a simple guide to help you distinguish the difference between technologies, to give you an idea of which one is perfect for you.

OLED, ULED, QLED and Mini-Led. What’s the difference?

New TV technologies, with so many to choose from how do you which will be the best for you and your home?

Hisense have created a guide for this to help you decide and spot the difference between all the acronyms we use to describe these technical differences.

Which Hisense TV is perfect for binge watching and why.

Binge watching season is officially underway. We all know the classics: from Friends to the Office to Breaking Bad.

And if you’re a devoted binge watcher like us, you have probably seen them all. Of course, if you are in the mood to follow Rachel and the gang at Central Perk again, go for it. However, if you’re looking for more inspiration, we have rounded up some of our new favourite series’ our team is binge watching right now.

The Best movies to add to your ultimate Halloween watch list

Check out our ultimate Halloween list, which is best seen on Hisense OLED TVs.

With infinite blacks and excellent contrast levels, you’ll see things you haven’t really noticed before. Are you ready for the spooky season to begin?

Hisense won a converted EISA award, taking home best product in Premium LCD TV

Hisense’s premium 4K Mini-LED ULED TV 65U8HQ won the distinguished EISA Award in the category of Premium LCD TV’s.

This is the second year Hisense was honored by the EISA.

Unpack your new flat screen TV like a pro

You found the perfect TV. Like the 65” Hisense ULED U7H TV.  It has a flat LED panel with stunning 4K display, Dolby Vision, and more.  It matches everything you need and more.

There is just one simple task left – bring the TV set home and start enjoying the perfect viewing experience it offers.

The best Free channels on Rakuten TV – Top picks by Hisense

Rakuten have released more free watchable content this year available on our Hisense Vidaa compatible TV’s. Ensuring some of the best loved entertainment will remain accessible for the nation.

Hisense have selected some of our top picks from new releases to TV classics, but there’s more than 100 channels which are free to watch available on Rakuten.