Movies and music have a long history. Sound played an important part in silent films, the cinemas would almost always include a musician or even an orchestra that would play while the movie was screening.

Through time sound played bigger and bigger role and today it is almost impossible to imagine watching a modern silent film. However, these days we enjoy most movies in the comfort of our home on our flat screens, which due to their thinness cannot accommodate Cinema quality speakers. This is why Hisense have developed an award-winning technologically advanced soundbar that improves sound quality, boosts the experience with impressive bass and creates a surrounding experience that enables you to enjoy movies like you would in the cinema.


The compact and elegant all-in-one bar design with built-in subwoofer easily fits into any room, with no need for another woofer or extra cables. A built-in subwoofer delivers excellent bass, while two front-facing speakers deliver bright, clear top and mid-range tones with never-felt-before rich layers and details. As the Hisense soundbar has received recommendations, and has also won VPG Gold award in Japan twice, we decided to celebrate this with a list of best uses of sounds in movies that you can now enjoy on a whole new scale.




The Lord of the Rings (2001 – 2003)

This trilogy became an iconic from the start and its fandom is always growing. As we followed the fellowship through their journey that proves their bravery, there is a character that has cut into popular culture with its one-of-a-kind voice – Gollum. Voice plays a massive role in his transformation and the deliverance was (whether you found it terrifying or interesting) absolutely … precious.


Her (2013)

While a narrator is the usual way of a voice presenting a person that is not necessary a part of the plot and unseen, Her goes to the next level by introducing a voice as one of the main roles that interacts with the protagonist. This story presents not only how artificial intelligence is becoming a big part of our lives, but also the difference a voice makes – just imagine Siri sounding any other way … It just doesn’t sound right.


Toy Story (1995)

This list would be incomplete without an animated movie, which is a genre that deeply relies on voice acting. And what better representation of this than the character Woody that came to life with the voice of legendary Tom Hanks. The character’s story touched many viewers and even made some cry.




Star Wars (1997)

This franchise is full of recognizable sounds, Yoda and Darth Vader are also some of most recognizable voices in cinema. But the sound effects used in the Star Wars movies are simply iconic. From R2-D2, to Chewbacca’s roar and from blaster shots to lightsabers, these movies are a beautiful example of how sounds can play a big role in creating whole new worlds.


Jurassic Park (1993)

Another cinema classic and movie with a cult following that needed sound effects to create sounds no one has heard before. They used a baby elephant sound to create T. Rex’s scream, a combination of elephants, cows and donkeys for brachiosaurus and African cranes, tortoises, horses, and human sounds to create velociraptors, (which makes them the only dinosaurs that included sounds produced by a human).




The Bodyguard (1992)

This movie gave us one of the most beautiful song covers – Whitney Huston’s version of I will always love you. This song is one of the main reasons The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album has sold more than 45 million copies all around the world, making it the best-selling soundtrack of all time.


Help! (1965)

Help! followed the success of A Hard Day’s Night which was The Beatles’ debut musical. Help! was where The Beatles introduced us to the next step in their evolution. From playing with echo to stereo separation, the band started experimenting all while creating evergreen classics like Yesterday.


The Lion King (1994)

There are many amazing movie soundtracks, but how many have managed to create phrases that became so popular they are now a part of the English lexicon? The Lion King achieved that with its hit Hakuna Matata. It comes as no surprise that the soundtrack was a collaboration of musical geniuses as it was written by Elton John and Tim Rice, while the score was composed by Hans Zimmer.