At first glance, refrigeration may seem like a straightforward concept, but with advancements in technology and increasing options in the market, choosing the right refrigerator requires more thought than ever before. Hisense UK is here to help you jargon bust your way through the complex world of refrigeration. 

As you embark on this journey to purchase the perfect appliance, it is crucial you weigh up a multitude of variables. This includes energy efficiency, size, storage capacity, and supplementary characteristics such as ice makers and innovative smart technology. Don’t settle for just any refrigeration solution – take the time to explore your options and choose the one that will work best for you and your lifestyle. 

Total no frost! 

Uneven air distribution is common in the refrigeration world and can lead to the formation of ice on the back of the fridge. Without this function, you could unevenly ‘freeze’ your food and impact the quality of your food. 

With total no frost, you can rest assured that your fridge will always function at the optimal temperate of around 5 degrees C°. Total no frost helps maintain the temperature throughout the fridge, thanks to the presence of multiple vents allowing for even distribution of cold air.  

Metal tech cooling  

Metal tech cooling helps the air stay cold throughout the fridge which produces a uniformed temperature distribution. This advanced cooling system works by utilizing a metal plate inside the fridge. 

The metal plate has a strong thermal conductivity which absorbs the heat and begins to radiate it back into the fridge, which helps maintain a consistent level of coolness. This means the fridge can maintain an optimal temperature more efficiently and for longer periods of time, which keeps your food fresher for longer.  

Water (and ice) dispenser  

Water and ice dispensers simply allow you to have access to cold water/ ice cubes instantly, without having to buy, or wait for it in the fridge/ freezer. You can get both plumbed, and non-plumbed. 

What’s the difference between plumbed and non-plumbed variations?  


Imagine the convenience of a non-stop supply of water and ice at your next summer party. This means you’ll never have to fill up your refrigerator’s water supply again! This feature means this fridge will need to be plumbed in by professionals, often it’s more expensive than its non-plumbed counterpart but water refills will become a thing of the past! Having this feature can be dependent on your space, layout, and budget.   

Non plumbed 

If you are looking for a new fridge freezer with a water dispenser but do not want the hassle of plumbing it in, look no further than our non-plumbed-in versions! 

These fridges use water reservoirs of varying capacities to provide the convenience of ice and water without the need to connect to the mains water supply. All you must do is fill up the fridge’s water supply to get access to chilled water whenever you need it. It’s that simple! 

While a plumbed-in version may seem like the more convenient option, a non-plumbed fridge freezer can save you money on both the appliance and running costs. You won’t have to worry about installation costs or hiring a plumber, and you could save money on your water bill since you won’t be constantly drawing from the main supply. 

Pure flat design 

Need a fridge freezer that enhances your stylish décor? Look no further than the sleek and sophisticated pure flat design. Not only does it offer a contemporary aesthetic but also seamlessly blends into your kitchen both visually and physically. Upgrade your kitchen with this near-integrated look and enjoy both form and function. 

My fresh choice 

Bought too much fresh produce? Don’t panic, we have the solution! This function is an isolated part of the fridge/freezer which you can tailor where necessary. This function allows you to alter the temperature of this section between 5-20 degrees. Put it in my fresh choice compartment and turn it to 5 degrees. 

Too much meal prep to eat in time? Utilise my fresh choice compartment as a freezer.  

Triple zone cooling 

Fridge, freezer, and my fresh choice. These 3 different cooling zones mean that you have flexibility when you shop. Simply use the fridge and freezer accordingly, and then my fresh choice compartment to your advantage, by either moving anything into a ‘freezer’ to avoid food waste, drinks to cool, or even fresh produce which isn’t fitting in the refrigerator. 

Inverter technology  

This technology measures the environment inside the fridge and adjusts the cooling output accordingly. This ensures your fridge maintains a stable temperature, whilst saving energy and runs quietly! 

XL capacity 

With a Hisense fridge, you can minimise the number of times you need to go shopping by maximising your space. Our extra-large capacity fridge freezers can fit between 20-36 bags in them. Providing the perfect space for families, bulk buying, meal prep, and beverages too.  

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