Are you looking for a new home appliance? Hold your horses! If there is no need to buy it right now, wait a little bit since Black Friday is coming up and will bring great deals.

If you’re not in a hurry, take the time leading up to this year’s Black Friday (that will take place on 25th of November) by checking out the items and the features you are looking for, so that you will be ready and know exactly which items you are going after!


Hisense TVs – perfect for sport fanatics, passionate gamers, and movie aficionados

It might be called Black Friday, but Hisense televisions will bring a whole lot of colour to the day with their Quantum Dot Colour that recreates over a billion vivid colours we experience in the real world and creates a true to life watching experience.

Adding to the impressive viewing experience is Full Array Local Dimming that boosts image contrast, brings deeper blacks and brighter whites, all while 120Hz Ultra Motion is there to ensure you enjoy ultra-smooth motion images.

Gamers will especially appreciate Game Mode that will provide them with smooth motion for critical moments. It sounds like scoring a goal, right? That’s why these impressive features are featured in the U7H  TV, which is the official television of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.


Hisense ovens – perfect for bakers and pizza makers

Are you the next star home baker? Well then you are in for a treat (literally), because Hisense ovens are inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens, the design enables hot air to move around freely which results in evenly baked food.

If you are looking for ways to enjoy your indulgences without feeling guilty you will especially enjoy the Air Fry function, on the other hand, if you can’t say no to a pizza, you will be able to bake a perfect one at home thanks to Pizza Mode with maximum temperature of 300 degrees and impeccable heat distribution, that will help you create pizza so good, it will make you feel you are in an Italian pizzeria.


Hisense hobs – perfect for rookies and master chefs

Whether cooking is your favourite thing to do, you are just starting to learn, Hisense hobs are the secret ingredient that makes everything taste better.

Whether it’s induction, gas or glass-ceramic. Designed with user in mind, they are easy to use, have Rapid Boil that is perfect for rapid cooking, a Connect Zone that connects two zones is ideal for bigger pots while Gentle Melt will perfectly melt your ingredients at 42 degrees without burning them. Chef’s kiss!


Hisense refrigerators – perfect for Vanilla Ice, Ice Cream, and the cool ones

To get the most out of it, food has to be stored at the right conditions. This is why Hisense refrigerators have separated drawers dedicated for meat and produce, while Triple Zone Cooling has three independent cooling zones, allowing you to control the temperature in each zone, to suit your needs. This makes sure the food lasts longer and the nutrients are locked in faster.


Hisense dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers – perfect for the ones that like to keep it extra clean

Hisense dishwashers are here to make sure your dishes are ultra clean and completely dried. Understanding the needs of even bigger families, Hisense offers dishwasher models, that can fit up to 16 place settings and Flexible baskets, to use space more efficiently and get things dry quicker. Its ergonomic design accommodates all utensils easily and improves drying times.

While dishwashers prevent you from getting your hands dirty, Hisense washing machines and tumble dryers are here to make sure you can always look clean.

Steam-Clean will clean your clothes and leave them soft and static free without a softener all while reducing allergens. And thanks to the Quick Wash programme, your clothes can be cleaned in just 15 minutes. Machines come equipped with Inverter Technology that is also quiet so you can enjoy other peace and quiet while the machine takes care of the clothes.