Here’s Hisense’s guide to each team participating in this years UEFA EURO 2020 competition, if you are looking to find a team that matches your colours or just seeking out the biggest competition. This year, the competition has returning favourite’s and even some new entries, so take 5 minutes to get to know each team and show your support to the team of your choice by setting up your Lucky Chip* to the nation of your choosing.



Known admiringly by fans across the world as The 3 Lions, England was knocked out in round 16 during a match with Iceland in 2016. This will be England’s tenth EURO entry, making that the most entries a country has participated in without formally winning the title. Will the final taking place in London mean this is their year?

Colours: White, Blue

Manager: Gareth Southgate

Captain: Harry Kane

Group stage opponents: Scotland, Croatia, Czech Republic



The UEFA EURO 2020 will be Scotland’s first major tournament since 1998, Scotland are a team to watch. Make sure to catch the group stage between England for a rival match not to be missed. Be sure to look out for dressing room hits from this team like their viral version of ‘yes Sir I Can Boogie’ by Baccara.

Colours: Blue, White, Yellow

Manager: Steve Clarke

Captain: Andy Robertson

Group stage opponents: England, Croatia, Czech Republic



Croatia otherwise known as The Vatreni will be appearing in their 5th consecutive Euro this year, with less than 5 million citizens this makes them one of the smallest nations to compete in the competition. Croatia is not a team to be underestimated as they finished second during the last world cup, narrowly losing to France.

Colours: Red, White

Manager: Zlatko Dalić

Captain: Luka Modrić

Group stage opponents: England, Scotland, Czech Republic



In the last EURO tournament Austria finished 4th in group stages, loosing every match played. It’s been almost three decades since Austria’s last victory at a major final (1990’s world cup being the last) and no other team has played more matches at the EURO’s finals without winning. Could this year be their year?

Colours: Red, White

Manager: Franco Foda

Captain: Julian Baumgartlinger

Group stage opponents: Netherlands, North Macedonia, Ukraine



Belgium came second in their group stages previously but was knocked out by Wales in a 3:1 match. To fans, Belgium are known as the Red Devils due to their signature kit colour and were one of the top scorers during qualifying games, with 40 goals in 10 matches.

Colours: Red, Yellow

Manager: Roberto Martínez

Captain: Eden Hazard

Group stage opponents: Denmark, Finland, Russia


Czech Republic:

Czech Republic have triumphantly won all three penalty shoot-outs they have being involved in during at the EURO finals, no other nation has won more. The iconic chip kick during the 1976 decider against West Germany still stands out in the most memorable game play moments today.

Colours: Red, Blue

Manager: Jaroslav Šilhavý

Captain: Bořek Dočkal

Group stage opponents: Croatia, England, Scotland



Denmark previously have won the 1992 EURO final and the teams biggest ever win came from a match vs France, the current world cup holders, way back in London in 1908. However, Denmark have now lost 14 EURO matches, with no other nation previously suffering so many defeats. Could this year strike a win for Denmark?

Colours: Red, White

Manager: Kasper Hjulmand

Captain: Simon Kjær

Group stage opponents: Belgium, Finland, Russia



This year Finland qualified purely on merit, obtaining their highest win percentage of 60% and points per game of 1.8. Making this Finland’s highest of any EURO and world cup qualifying campaign in their history. Finland hasn’t previously qualified for a major tournament until this years UEFA EURO 2020 competition, so based on skill alone they are a team to watch out for during the group stages.

Colours: White, Blue

Manager: Markku Kanerva

Captain: Tim Sparv

Group stage opponents: Belgium, Denmark, Russia



Current reigning world cup holders France are a team with endless flair. France have previously triumphed during the UEFA EURO tournament; can their current manager Dider Deschamps lead France to another UEFA victory having previously won as a player himself?

Colours: Blue, White, Red

Manager:  Didier Deschamps

Captain:  Hugo Lloris

Group stage opponents: Germany, Portugal, Hungary


A powerhouse of football, Germany guarantee an edge of your seat viewing experience. Germany is one of the most successful teams when it comes to international football, having previously won 4 World Cups, 3 UEFA EURO Cups and 1 Confederations Cup. No team has advanced more times in the UEFA EUROS than Germany.

Colours: White, Black

Manager: Joachim Löw

Captain:  Mauel Neuer

Group stage opponents: France, Hungary, Portugal



Could Hungary be this year’s underdogs in this competition? They will be facing off between the last three winners of the UEFA EUROS in the initial group stages, you won’t want to miss these matches. Hungary has an admirable football history having previously won 3 Olympic titles, look out for their notable recorded team caps.

Colours: Red, White, Green

Manager:  Marco Rossi

Captain: Ádám Szalai

Group stage opponents: France, Germany, Portugal



Italy remains unbeaten in 40 EURO qualifiers, dating as far back as 2006. The Azzurri are a team to watch out for with 4 World cup wins under their belt. The 2012 runners up are fortunate enough to play their group stage opponent games in Rome, will the home advantage show through in these matches?

Colours: Blue, White

Manager: Roberto Mancini

Captain: Giorgio Chiellini

Group stage opponents: Switzerland, Wales, Turkey



The Dutch team are back after previously failing to qualify for the last EUFA EUROS tournament. Netherlands known to fans by Oranje due to their signature orange kit, will be unmissable on the pitch during matches in their famed colours. Having previously won in 1988 will the Neverlands see a resurgence for this years competition?

Colours: Orange, White

Manager: Frank de Boer

Captain: Virgil van Dijk

Group stage opponents: Austria, North Macedonia, Ukraine


North Macedonia:

First time qualifiers, North Macedonia have proved they are a team to watch with a shock away 2-1 win against Germany earlier this year in a FIFA World Cup qualifier match. Forward Goran Pandev has come out of international retirement to help re-build the team for this year’s competition.

Colours: Yellow, Red

Manager: Igor Angelovski

Captain: Goran Pandev

Group stage opponents: Austria, Netherlands, Ukraine



Poland was knocked out at the quarter finals during the previous EUROS, loosing to Portugal, the current champions. The teams forward, Robert Lewandowski proves he’s a top scorer and seasoned pro with 15 goals scored during the 2019/20 UEFA Champions League.

Colours: Red, White

Manager: Paulo Sousa

Captain: Robert Lewandowski

Group stage opponents: Slovakia, Spain, Sweden



Preparing to defend their title, Portugal has a star-studded team assembled. On all seven occasions Portugal have reached the final 16 or higher during the UEFA EUROS cup. With Cristiano Ronaldo as captain this team are sure to lead with strength and intensity during each match.

Colours: Red, Green

Manager: Fernando Santos

Captain: Cristiano Ronaldo

Group stage opponents: France, Germany, Hungary



Russia last won the EUROS in 1960, the first ever UEFA EUROS Cup. Commemorating this tournament being 61 years since their last victory, no other previous European or World Cup winner has a failed to secure the title in so long. In the previous World Cup Russia reached the quarter finals, 2018, so don’t count them out as competition just yet.

Colours: Red, White

Manager:  Stanislav Cherchesov

Captain: Artem Dzyuba

Group stage opponents: Belgium, Denmark, Finland



During the last UEFA EUROS competition Slovakia lost during the top 16 matches against Germany. Marek Hamšík once again joins the team having previously played for Slovakia during the 2010 World Cup and the 2016 UEFA EURO Cup.

Colours: White, Blue, Red

Manager: Pavel Hapal

Captain: Marek Hamšík

Group stage opponents: Poland, Spain, Sweden



From 2008 to 2012 Spain won every football competition which they entered, could this year see Spain claiming their 4th within the UEFA EUROS cup? Qualifying unrivalled, Spain rose in the ranks with the best pass-completion percentage out of all the teams this year.

Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow

Manager: Luis Enrique

Captain: Sergio Ramos

Group stage opponents: Poland, Slovakia, Sweden



Sweden have previously endured three consecutive EURO group stage eliminations, make sure not to miss their group stage match with Spain for a truly exciting game. Known to their fans as Blågult, can Sweden pass the initial group stages this year?

Colours: Yellow, Blue

Manager: Janne Andersson

Captain: Andreas Granqvist

Group stage opponents:  Poland, Slovakia, Spain



Since Switzerland appointed manager Vladimir Petković, the team have passed every initial group stage. Known as the A-Team to their fans, Switzerland has the skills to rival even the top teams in the competition. In the 2006 World Cup Switzerland created a new world record after not conceding a goal until the following tournament in 2010.

Colours: Red, White

Manager: Vladimir Petković

Captain: Granit Xhaka

Group stage opponents: Italy, Turkey, Wales



Kicking off the UEFA EURO 2020 competition, Turkey will play Italy during the tournament opener in Rome. The Crescent Stars made it to the semi-finals in 2008, during the UEFA EUROS, 12 years on can Turkey rise their way in the ranks once more?

Colours: Red, White

Manager: Şenol Güneş

Captain: Burak Yılmaz

Group stage opponents: Italy, Switzerland, Wales



Ukraine have yet to push past the group stages since 2012, can record goal scorer turned manager Andriy Pyatov change this team’s luck? With a new younger team, which in 2019 won the under 20’s world cup, Ukraine are not a side to be overlooked this year.

Colours: Yellow, Blue

Manager: Andriy Shevchenko

Captain: Andriy Pyatov

Group stage opponents: Austria, Netherlands, North Macedonia



The smallest nation participating in this year’s UEFA EUROS competition, with a population of 3 million. The affectionately known dragons reached the finals in their first European appearance back in 2016. After now having previous experience in the competition, the team has the potential to make it to the top with the guidance of Ryan Giggs as manager.

Colours: Red, White

Manager: Ryan Giggs

Captain: Gareth Bale

Group stage opponents: Italy, Switzerland, Turkey


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