Through the past years, New Year’s resolutions have gotten a bit of a bad reputation. Mostly because we often set big expectations or many goals and expect that the first day of the new year will be like flipping a switch and starting differently. It is better to take resolutions as an evolution instead of a revolution that will happen overnight.

We can achieve that by setting ourselves up for success. Cleaning and reorganizing the fridge is a perfect first step for anyone who is trying to eat healthier, have a tidier home or start a more organized or minimalistic lifestyle. Clean, organize, restock.


1 Out with the old

Start with taking all the food out of the fridge and throw away all the food that has expired. Keep in mind, that the food that is still good and needs to be kept cool, can only stay outside for a short while. So, we recommend you keep them in a cooler environment until you’re ready to return them to the fridge.

2 Remove, wash and dry

Take out the shelves, drawers and any parts that can be removed and wash them with lukewarm water and mild soap. Leave the compartments to dry or dry them with a fresh cloth.

3 Clean the inside of the refrigerator

Use soapy water and a cloth to clean the refrigerator. Make sure you do not miss any corners or drawers that could not be removed. Follow by wiping with clean water to remove the soap and end by drying the fridge tea towel or dry cloth.

4 Clean the food

Place all the parts you have removed back in their place and clean and dry every item before putting it back.


1 Use special compartments

When it comes to organizing make sure you make the most of what your fridge has to offer. Hisense focuses on turning modern technology into practical and easy to use solutions, like fruit and vegetables crisper drawers, that maintain the best conditions for keeping your vegetables fresh or special compartment that preserves the nutritional value of fish and meats.

2 Use storage containers

Reusable storage containers of different sizes are a safe, cheap, and eco-friendly way to keep your leftovers in good condition.

3 Fridge bins and labels are your best friends

When cleaning the fridge, you probably came across an unknown item you long since forgot about at the back of the fridge. Avoid these types of mysteries with see-through fridge bins that enable you to easily get any item. And do not forget about labeling food that is not in its original packaging with content and use by date.



1 Remove certain foods

If you’ve set your mind on healthier eating, we recommend while cleaning the fridge (step 1) you also throw away foods that are high in fat and sugar. Like mayonnaise and ketchup, salad dressings, sodas, cheese spreads and similar.

2 Arrange your fridge

Make sure you can always easily find healthy food. Especially snacks which are advised to be in single-servings packs, keep them in the center shelves so you can quickly spot them.

3 Stock up

When doing your weekly shopping stock up on salad greens (like lettuce, arugula, kale, spinach) and produce (bell peppers, celery, carrots) and keep them in a dedicated drawer, usually at the bottom of the fridge. Don’t forget about fruit, like grapefruit, pears, all sorts of berries. Yes, fruit is usually full of natural sugar, but it will keep your cravings under control as a much healthier version.