Cleaning an oven is a notoriously rubbish job. It takes time, effort, and elbow grease to make a noticeable difference, and still then they aren’t clean enough! 

But it is highly important to do so, if you leave your oven too long without a clean, its efficiency lessens as it must work harder to have the same output, it becomes a fire hazard due to grease and residue, and overall reduces the longevity of your oven’s lifespan. It is recommended to clean your oven a minimum of twice a year, whilst also ensuring between these times that no left-over food is still in the oven. 

Oven cleaning can be a pain, but gone are the days of scrubbing nonstop, Hisense ovens offer a handful of ways to clean your oven, which makes the job less time consuming and easier.  

Below, you’ll find an explanation of how these functions work, and what might be best for you to try. 

What is Pyrolytic self-clean?  

An oven that has a pyrolytic self-clean function heats the oven up to 500 degrees, which turns dirt into dust. This reduces cleaning time for you; all that is required is to let the oven cool, and then wipe the ‘dust’ from the oven with a damp cloth. Leaving you with a shiny clean oven, free of dirt and grease. 

Alongside this, the door is locked to ensure safety of wandering hands, so this is perfect if you have children. 

This process takes between 1 and 2 hours but may be longer dependant on cooling time – always ensure that the oven is cool enough prior to wiping to avoid risk of injury. 

Hisense tip – always ensure you wipe any grease/residue from the inside glass screen, before setting your oven to Pyro-clean, otherwise the heat can stain the glass! 

What are steam clean ovens? 

A steam clean oven requires a tray full of water directly in the oven. Simply turn on the function for the cleaning process to start. The hot steam circulates the oven’s interior which as a result softens the grease and dirt.  

Again, once the oven has cooled, wipe away the residue! 

What is catalytic cleaning? 

Catalytic liners are made from enamel, which is essentially a glossy surface, designed to absorb grease. They also have non-stick properties. 

These are built into the oven, so there is no need to use any programme. The catalytic liners mean that food doesn’t get stuck to the side of the oven, and (whilst cool) a damp cloth, alongside a spray of product will wipe away and greasy residue if it hasn’t already been absorbed. 

This means that cleaning can be done whenever! 

So overall, for a Hisense oven, all you will need to clean is a damp reusable cloth, which is easy to access and ideal for such a time-consuming job.  

Decide which type of cleaning is most convenient for you; whether you would rather have prevention built into the oven, or simply the push of a button, the choice is yours! 

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