We are thrilled to announce that Hisense has been awarded the prestigious Which? Best Buy Award for our HV693C60UK Dishwasher 

We are excited to share with you the remarkable features that make the HV693C60UK  a true best buy! 

16 Place Setting Capacity 

Perfect for big families, the HV693C60UK can hold up to 16 place settings. Say goodbye to dirty dishes piling up, as this spacious capacity ensures you can clean them all in one go. It’s a win-win situation! 

Efficient Fan Dry + Auto Dry Function 

Experience excellent drying with the added convenience of our Fan Dry feature. From plastic containers and glasses to cutlery and dishes, everything comes out perfectly dry. Our built-in fan, combined with the Auto Dry feature at the end of the cycle, ensures that your load is ready to use again. The door opens automatically, which prevents moisture damage caused by trapped steam. 

 Impressive Energy Rating C 

With the HV693C60UK’s Energy Rating C, you can save both money and the environment. We prioritise energy efficiency, and this dishwasher reflects our commitment to being kinder to the planet. 

“Energy and water efficiency were good across the board.” 


Quick and Convenient 15-Minute Quick Wash

For those on a tight schedule, the 15-Minute Quick Wash Setting is perfect. Your dishes will be sparkling clean in no time! 

“Both the main and eco programs scored the full five stars, which is impressive considering this is a large dishwasher.”


 Space-Saving Cutlery Tray + Three-Level Wash

The HV693C60UK offers a dedicated third basket exclusively for cutlery. This innovative design allows you to fit larger dishes in the lower levels, eliminating the need for a separate cycle. It’s more ergonomic and ensures quick and even washing and drying of your utensils. 

 Super Silent 39dB Noise Levels 

Enjoy movie nights without disturbance, as the HV693C60UK is one of the quieter dishwashers on the market; No more loud rumbles to ruin your relaxing evenings. 

 Wi-Fi Connection 

Use the power of Wi-Fi to stay informed about your dishwasher, including the status of the cycle. Perfect for coordinating with your dinner plans! 

Learn more about the award-winning Hisense HV693C60UK Dishwasher by visiting our website today! For more on what Which? made of its remarkable features check out their product review page. Further information on how Which? test and assign their awards is available in this article.