Available in both a Premium Stainless Steel and Black Steel finish, the PureFlat RF540N4W Multi Door Fridge Freezer is a must have for your kitchen. From being able to fit in 23 bags of shopping to having ultimate control when switching from fridge to freezer compartments, the RF540N4W is a tough one to beat.

Check out the top five features that’ll make you wonder why this appliance isn’t in your home already.


Ultimate control with flexible cooling zones

You can adjust the temperature range between 5°C to -20°C on the middle draw at just the touch of a button, also known as ‘My Fresh Choice ’, making this compartment either a fridge or freezer. This is perfect for when you need more freezer space to preserve pre-cooked meals, using the same ingredients and making for less waste.

Extend the life of your fresh produce by being able to fully control the humidity. By slowing down the process of food spoiling, so you can enjoy your fruit and veg for longer – not to mention its tastier too.

And what is more, this drawer can be used as a dedicated drinks compartment and even comes with its own drinks tray – keeping your drinks chilled at the perfect temperature to suit your needs.

This model features a Dual Tech Cooling System, which circulates air to maximise freshness. Multi Airflow runs throughout the whole fridge freezer, helping to maintain the ideal humidity levels in each compartment. This helps to prevent odour transfer and stops food from drying out too soon.

The bottom freezer compartment has a variable temperature control ranging between -18°C to -24°C, meaning you have the choice to freeze fish at the perfect temperature and not have to worry about having any ice burn on your food by freezing too harshly.

But don’t just take our word for it, one customer gave this product a 5-star review, commenting

‘’Great fridge freezer, lots of room. I love how you can control temperatures on there so you can have more freezer/fridge space.’’


Superb storage space

Experience more space than ever with 331 litres of (flexible) fridge space and 90 litres freezer space. You can go even longer between trips to the supermarket – we’ve tested it and you can fit up to 23 bags of shopping inside, making those bigger shops a breeze.

The PureFlat RF540N4W received another 5-star review from John.F who was delighted with the fit of his fridge freezer and super roomy storage space, commenting

‘’Great fit and plenty of storage space.’’

‘’I had limited room to have this style of fridge/freezer and it fits perfectly. Plenty of features and we love the amount of storage that it gives. Stylish in black and goes very well in our kitchen.’’


No more ice build-up

Have you ever wondered why you have water or ice on the walls of your fridge?

Total no frost technology helps to prevent ice from forming, so you will never need to manually scrape out ice build-up again. This is down to more advanced than ordinary frost-free; the innovative Total No Frost Technology from Hisense circulates cold air evenly throughout your fridge freezer to prevent ice crystals from forming. This means less mess in your fridge too!


Fresh chilled water whenever you want

Fancy fresh chilled water on tap? With all this amazing weather we’ve been having, we couldn’t think of anything better than a nice cold glass of properly chilled water.

The RF540N4W comes with a sleek and non-plumbed water dispenser, so you don’t have to worry about getting your appliance plumbed into your kitchen. Simply refill the internal water tank for a constant supply of refreshing chilled water – bliss.


Premium Steel Finish

Offering more than just break-through cooling technology and space, the PureFlat RF540N4W also offers a premium style and top-quality material. The steel finish on this fridge freezer is a real statement for any kitchen. The high quality brushed-steel look is an eye-catching element of style and sophistication.


If it is more space, control on cooling zones and a stylish look you’re looking for – the PureFlat Premium Steel Fridge Freezer is the perfect choice.

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