In an exciting turn of events, Hisense has recently received remarkable recognition from non-other than EcoVadis.

‘The world’s most trusted company sustainability ratings supplier,’ has awarded Hisense with a silver accreditation medal. This prestigious corporate rating honours Hisense’s dedication to ethical business conduct and is evidence of the company’s continued efforts to lessen its environmental impact and improve social responsibility. This is a remarkable milestone that not only celebrates past achievements but also propels Hisense towards future sustainability goals.

This coveted benchmark sets the stage for businesses around the world, offering invaluable insights into their sustainable practices and untapped potential for growth. EcoVadis meticulously evaluates environmental stewardship, labour policies, ethical conduct, human rights commitment, and sustainable procurement practices. If EcoVadis deems it appropriate, a corporation will then receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal which reflects the business’s accomplishments so far, as well as identifying sustainability targets for the future.

These target areas cover concrete actions like promoting sustainable transportation, increasing the use of recycled materials in products, and improving the sustainability of its supply chain, as well as looking at concrete actions like lowering energy consumption and waste through the optimisation of renewable energy. The efforts made by Hisense to recycle 96% of trash created, utilise 100% recyclable packaging by 2024, and lower CO2 emissions from transportation demonstrate the company’s commitment to sustainability. Hisense Europe has created the ideal plan to strengthen the sustainability of its business models, as evidenced by the prestigious Eco Vadis silver medal.

In order to minimise its carbon footprint, a company must take into account all stages of production, encompassing the energy consumed throughout manufacturing, the materials utilised in the products and their longevity, and the packaging and transportation methods employed. Hisense Europe has made substantial advancements in these domains over the past five years, achieving impressive reductions of 38% in water usage and 24% in electricity consumption. The EcoVadis board has praised Hisense’s home appliances for being made from environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials that go through rigorous testing to lengthen their lifespan.

Hisense Europe scored highly on the social and ethical performance evaluation component of EcoVadis’ sustainability rating and assessment process. The company was honoured for its dedication to advancing moral corporate conduct, such as building a culture of information sharing and providing equitable opportunity for all. Hisense Europe permitted more than 136,000 hours of training in 2021, or 20 hours per person. This was only one of the company’s measures to support a positive work-life balance and motivate employees to advance their careers.

Commenting on the EcoVadis medal, Hanson Han, CEO of Hisense Europe said: “Sustainability is at the core of our values, and we will continue to work hard to minimize our environmental impact and promote social responsibility. This certification is a great achievement, and we are proud to be part of the EcoVadis community.”

 Tomaž Korošec, a member of Hisense Europe’s Management Board, added: “In environmental care we have a rich history dating back over thirty years, and our efforts in this field have been widely recognized by experts both domestically and internationally.”

He continued: “Our investments in renewable energy, focus on product durability and efficiency, and implementation of circular economy principles have proven to be the right approach. We are honoured to receive the silver EcoVadis medal, as it represents our belief that companies with a consistent commitment to social and environmental responsibility are the ones that will achieve lasting success.”

This prestigious award serves as testament to Hisense’s unwavering commitment to the environment and solidifies its position as a socially responsible company. This remarkable accomplishment offers Hisense greater determination to reach even greater heights of sustainability.


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