With UEFA EURO 2020™ just around the corner, new research has revealed that 48% of football fans rely on superstitions in the hope it brings luck to their team.

As Official Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020™,  we surveyed 1,000 football fans to find out what rituals they stick to on matchdays, with some rather unexpected results.

The 5 Most Common Football Fan Superstitions and Rituals:

Wearing a lucky shirt (23%)

Having your lucky number on your shirt (14%)

Wearing lucky socks (11%)

Wearing lucky pants (9%)

Kissing the badge / Sitting in the same seat when watching at home (8%)


While the top five superstitions were fairly traditional, there were a number of more interesting replies from individual fans. One fan from Birmingham admitted to relying on her ‘lucky unicorn’ during matches, while another fan from London only eats crisps from a specific brand during the game.

6% of fans go to the extent of ‘praying to the footballing gods’ just to make sure the luck goes their way, while 4% make sure they have sex ahead of kick-off.

Fans from London are the most superstitious in the country, with 54% sticking to their matchday rituals, while 18% of fans in Newcastle make sure they take the exact same route to the ground for each home game.

Age also seems to have a big impact on a fan’s likelihood of turning to superstition, with those aged 25-34 twice as likely to do so compared to those aged 65+ (66% vs 33%).

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