With December just around the corner, tis time to begin your Christmas food shopping and get in the festive spirit.

A festive fridge stock at the start of December is necessary, to ensure every Christmas film (or football match) is paired with the most appropriate treats for the season.

Of course, save the turkey shopping to a closer time, but some things are good to have throughout the whole month to maintain the Christmas spirit.

You want to ensure these foods are stocked appropriately so that they don’t go off before the special day.

The door of the fridge:

The bottom shelf of the refrigerator door should be home to wines, beers, prosecco, and orange juice. A more ideal place for these would be in the wine cooler, but the fridge door is a close second. These need to be ready to grab and go for a quick top up during ad breaks or half time!

Up on the top shelf should be your condiments, the typical tomato ketchup, BBQ sauce and siracha can stay, but ensure there is also room for mint and cranberry sauce once they have been opened.

The bottom of the fridge:

In your crispier draw, you should always keep fresh fruit and vegetables. This way, you have the best chance of maintaining those veggies for Christmas day.

If you feel like you can see these going off before hand, chop the carrots, parsnips and broccoli up and place into the freezer. This way they can be saved until Christmas day if they aren’t going to be used prior to the big day!

The bottom shelf:

This should always be home to raw meats to avoid any cross contamination or dripping. This includes the sausage, bacon and turkey for the Christmas dinner.

For the run up to Christmas, this shelf might look a little bit less festive than others, but it is highly important to keep these separate.

The middle and top shelves:

These are typically warmer than the bottom of the fridge, so food with natural preservatives should be stocked here.

So, this area should be home to the stacks of dairy alternatives. To accompany the cheese, cured meats such as ham can also live on this shelf. This will be a family favourite; when watching the world cup or a festive film, a cheese board is ideal.

Pop the random treats such as mince pies, chocolates, premade sandwiches and more in the top part of the fridge – this way they will last slightly longer than on the countertop.

The top of the fridge can also be used for loose drinks that you couldn’t fit into the door of the fridge. This way, wines will be less cool and therefore a more desirable temperature than what they would on the bottom shelf.

Hisense fridges have my fresh choice function, which makes Christmas so much easier. This function allows you to swiftly move from fridge to freezer mode. Ranging from 5 to minus 20 degrees. It means this compartment can be utilised as extra fridge space, which is desirable all year round. As an alternative, it can be used to freeze any leftovers to reduce food waste, and continue the Christmas spirit a little longer.

Always ensure frozen food is consumed within 3 months.

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