Save water, time, and money by upgrading your kitchen with a new generation dishwasher.


Efficient cleaning with up to 6-times less water

Even in the smallest households, washing the dishes can be upgraded to a whole new level. If you think that hand-washing dishes saves water, think again. Washing dishes in the sink under running water can use up to 60 litres of water, making it an excessive splurge, especially in times of summer draughts, when every single glass of water is precious.

A Hisense dishwasher uses just about 10 litres of water for a full load wash, and some of the best models only 6.9 litres. Contrary to common belief, the dishwasher does not fill up with water, but uses effective spray nozzles to distribute heated water all over the dishes, cleaning them thoroughly. Additionally, the dishwasher re-uses the cleaning water by filtering it and spraying it again, making dishwashing even more water efficient.

Choose a large capacity dishwasher, that can contain up to 16 place settings, if you have piles of dishes every day and take care of all dishwashing in just one load. Save time, money and of course loads of water.


Skip the pre-rinsing and pre-soaking

Are you tired of rinsing every single dish under running water before putting it into the dishwasher and soaking crusty casserole dishes before stacking them in the rack? Here’s the great news – you don’t have to. In fact, you shouldn’t, as it’s just a waste of water. The combination of advanced technology, clever design and powerful dishwashing detergents allow for a perfect cleaning without pre-rinsing or pre-soaking even the dirtiest plates and pans. Just scrape off all leftovers and put your dishes in the machine. With adjustable racks and flexible baskets, you can create even more space for your dishes, allowing the dishwasher to clean every single one of them.

Take time to learn the art of stacking the dishwasher properly and have perfectly clean dishes every single time.


Run the dishwasher during the night

Fill up the dishwasher and run it at times when the energy is less expensive. This is usually during night-time. New Hisense dishwashers are very quiet and will not interfere with your sleep, while still doing a great job at washing all dishes from the previous day. You can even set the timer to a specific time if you are not home.

Don’t worry about your dishes being closed in a damp environment all night. Thanks to the cutting-edge drying technology, where the combination of built-in fan and automatic door opening at the end of the wash cycle, makes sure dishes are ready to use and that there is no moisture present after a cycle. Your dishes will be clean and dry in the morning, ready to unload quickly, without extra drying with a tea towel.

Find the right Hisense dishwasher for your needs. Freestanding or integrated dishwasher, with big baskets or space saving designs, take care of your dirty dishes at a glance and start saving today.