This range encompasses a duo of ovens, each boasting pyrolytic and steam capabilities, a multi-functional compact oven with an integrated microwave, a grill-equipped microwave, and a convenient warming drawer – all exuding a premium aura of elegance and quality.

The BlackLine isn’t just an appliance; it’s an investment in elevated living, offering an array of revolutionary features that redefine convenience and style. From space-efficient designs to cutting-edge smart technology, every facet of the BlackLine has been meticulously crafted to meet your unique needs. We’ve curated a glimpse into the extraordinary features that await, so you can share in our excitement.

Tailored Capacities for Every Need

Whether you’re catering to a crowd or a cosy gathering, the BlackLine accommodates your culinary ambitions with a spectrum of size capacities. For the seasoned chef orchestrating elaborate feasts, the BSA66346ADBGUK and BSA66346PDBGUK models, with a capacious 77-litre interior, make hosting a seamless affair. Alternatively, the 50-litre BIM45342ADBGUK and 25-litre BIM325GI63DBGUK versions are ideal for lighter use, while maintaining impressive functionality and versatility.

Intuitive Ingenuity in Design

Experience effortless cooking through one-touch programming with the intuitive full LED Touch Controls, unlocking an array of functions at your fingertips. The WDH14BG model further extends convenience with its seamless One Touch Opening feature. Embracing connectivity, the BlackLine introduces Wi-Fi compatibility, enabling remote monitoring via the ConnectLife App. Preheat your oven, track your culinary masterpieces, or seamlessly transfer recipes – it’s all effortlessly achievable.

Crafting Culinary Excellence

Perfectly cooked dishes are a guarantee with the ingeniously designed BlackLine ovens. Engineered with a subtly rounded shape and strategically placed heaters, hot air circulates uniformly, ensuring consistent, impeccable results. Thanks to the Even Bake technology, temperature distribution is impeccably balanced, delivering expertly baked bread, cakes, meats, and more across all five levels. Precision cooking has never been more accessible.

User-Friendly for All Skill Levels

Bid farewell to culinary hesitation, as the BlackLine caters to both novices and seasoned chefs alike. Its ability to store automatic programs in its database ensures an array of delectable meals is at your disposal whenever you need them. Embrace trending recipes effortlessly, as the BlackLine offers a gamut of modes to replicate your favourites. From Pizza mode for intricate topping combinations to Frozen mode for quick fixes, these pair seamlessly with the WDH14BG’s heat preservation and defrost settings. With Meat mode and the Food Probe, even cooking novices can achieve perfectly cooked meats with confidence.

Effortless Cleaning Innovation

The culinary journey doesn’t end with the last bite; however, with the BlackLine, post-cooking clean-up is no longer a daunting task. The BSA66346PDBGUK model features Pyrolytic Self Clean, harnessing 460°C heat to obliterate stubborn residues. A simple wipe ensures pristine cleanliness. Likewise, the BSA66346ADBGUK and BIM325GI63DBGUK models offer Steam Clean functionality – just add water, and let the steam dissolve grease, simplifying your post-cooking routine.

Eagerly Anticipating the BlackLine

With great enthusiasm, we unveil the BlackLine and its remarkable features. Tailored with your needs in mind, it transforms you into a culinary maestro effortlessly. Discover the full range of BlackLine products on our website upon their release and invite its unparalleled benefits into your home. Your journey to culinary excellence begins with the BlackLine – your partner in gastronomic innovation.