You heard it here first – purchasing a Laser TV is an investment!

We have designed all our Laser TV/Cinemas to be used daily, as such they are able to replace an existing TV, so if you are looking to upgrade to a supersize screen then look no further than a Laser TV.


Here are just a few of the key features that are available on Hisense Laser TV models:

1) It comes with a built-in TV Tuner

Hisense Laser TV gives you the ability to watch live TV on demand, not just via an app but with FreeView Play. Viewers can enjoy the biggest and best shows that TV has to offer live and on-demand through Freeview Play, giving them access to BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4 and My5.

2) Smart TV Functions

Laser TV features Hisense’ latest Smart TV OS, VIDAA U4. Personalised, intuitive, and smart, VIDAA U4 allows the viewer to access all of their favourite entertainment, with built-in apps from the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and Rakuten TV.

3) 4K HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision 

Bring a truly cinematic experience to your home with the Hisense 100-inch and 88-inch Laser TVs – featuring fantastic HDR10+ and Dolby Vision™ support, plus immersive sound by Dolby Atmos®, which allows you to be transported into the latest trending Netflix drama and fully submerge into the story.

4) Screen Included

Unlike a standard projector, Hisense Laser TV Cinemas come with an ALR screen included for optimal picture viewing. An ALR screen works by selectively reflecting light back to the audience – this means no matter where you are watching and, in any light, you are going to have the perfect picture!

5) Ultra Lightweight

Compared to standard LED TVs, Laser TVs are lightweight and easy to install. Our 100” screens weigh as little as 30kg, whereas an 85” LED would weigh over 40KG, plus you have 15” less screen.


Looking to upgrade your TV?

There are many options for upgrading your TV to a larger format, so where you are looking for a Standard TV or Projector, here is a handy guide to helping you making the right decision.

Easy on the Eyes
With the screen reflecting the light into your eyes, the Laser TV delivers a viewing experience with zero eye strain.

Power Saving
Without our reflective screen technology, it doesn’t require any power to operate. Meaning lower running costs and lower power consumption.

Get Up Close to the Action
Feel free to sit closer than you normally would and fully immerse yourself in the action. As the light isn’t being shone directly into your eyes light a conventional TV, you’re safe to sit closer and get more out of your viewing experience.

A Real Picture
By using a pure light source, we’re able to deliver a picture that looks so natural, it’s close to reality.

Elegance Delivered
Our screens have been designed to be simple, lightweight and elegant, leaving nothing to distract you from enjoying your viewing experience.


You many also be familiar with projectors but have some reservations. Technology has massively advanced, and Hisense is leading the way with its Laser technology.

All Day Viewing

The Ambient Light Rejecting DNP screen means that there’s no need to close the curtains or be in a dark room to enjoy your Laser TV.

Enjoy 4K UHD Content

The Laser TV will upscale all of your content to 4K resolution with a wide colour gamut (BT.709) to provide a television picture quality performance.

Every Seat is the Best Seat

Hisense adopts telocentric lenses on all Laser TVs that delivers a uniformity of the screen brightness. Every seat become ideal for enjoying your Laser TV

Trust and Reliability

Our Laser TVs go through a rigorous tests to ensure that you can rely on your TV for over 25,000 hours of use.


To learn about more features and benefits of Hisense Laser TV range, visit our  Laser TV page.