It’s that time of the year again, summer festival season! When the sun does make an appearance, there’s nothing better than listening to groovy songs and discovering your new favourite artists. Regardless of the festival you are going to this season, one thing is for certain; you need a reliable washer dryer that can keep up with all the fun. The Hisense 5S series is a reliable solution, containing all the functions you need, limiting the time spent on laundry, and giving you freedom through summer! 

The WD5S1045BW is an incredible option for festival lovers and those looking to make the most of summer days. Make laundry less of a chore and let the WD5S1045BW take the lead with its fantastic 10.5kg washing and 6kg drying capacity 

19 perfect presets  

The WD5S1045BW comes with an array of presets to tackle specific laundry concerns and needs. Simply choose from any of the 19 presets that best fits the type of washing you need and relax as the cycle adapts to clean your clothes. This feature of the WD5S1045BW offers great versatility, so even when you’re not at festivals or summer BBQ’s, you’ll still have a washer dryer that suits you and any loads you have.  

Save Time and Money with Auto Dose 

Worrying about how much detergent to put in during every wash is a thing of the past! With the WD5S1045BW’s Auto Dose technology, the pain of constantly guessing how much detergents are needed for the load is gone, saving you from overusing any products. Auto Dose will automatically calculate the amount needed and can store enough detergent for up to 24 washes! Save money and time.  

Steam Technology 

Most summer festivals are set in vast countryside fields which is perfect for gathering to listen to music, however this comes with some unwanted additions. Firstly, hay fever is a nightmare especially in big open fields and can single handedly ruin your time at the festival. No one wants sneezing and itchy eyes getting the better of them because of lingering pollen on their clothes. That’s why the Steam function in the WD5S1045BW is a game changer. With high temperature bursts of steam, allergens are taken care of in no time. This function also works against bacteria which is another handy way of makings sure you can enjoy summer to its fullest. Finally, after all the dancing you won’t need to worry about sweat stains and odours either. Combat any vibe killers this summer thanks to the WD5S1045BW’s Steam Function!   

Hygiene Guard  

Any good washer dryer needs to be able to stay clean and hygienic no matter how much use it gets. The WD5S1045BW removes bacteria in a number of ways. Features like Drum Clean and Soapbox Clean help ensure that all parts of the machine are hygienic and do not transfer unwanted bacteria to clothes. The Pure Jet Function also works to wash away stains on the door and bellow the machine. Finally, the lower part of the machine is also made from a sterile material, so the WD5S1045BW will keep your clothes clean and fresh after all the summer fun.    

Clever Technology with the Connect life App and Smart Linkage 

The WD5S1045BW uses innovative technology to make washing less of a chore but makes sure you still keep the power and control. With the Connect Life App you can manage your cycle remotely from your phone. So even whilst you might be out at Glastonbury or on a summer walk, you can still keep an eye on the washing as and when you need to. The benefits of technology also come with Smart Linkage, where the washing cycle is automatically applied to the corresponding drying cycle. This makes the whole process as seamless as can be.  

Quick Wash  

In summer you can’t always commit to long and lengthy washing cycles, especially when you need quick turn arounds. That’s why the WD5S1045BW’s Quick Wash option is an amazing feature built for convenience.  For super quick washes the 15-minute Quick Wash is unbelievable at cleaning clothes in a hurry. This setting can wash half a load which is more than enough for the days when your outfit needs a refresh. For 1kg of laundry there is still the amazing 49-minute Quick Wash Cycle that will have the whole family’s clothes ready to go whatever the activity.  

This summer let the WD5S1045BW take the load off your back with all its amazing features. To learn more about its life simplifying settings check out our website today!