With Black Friday around the corner let’s talk products worth splashing out on. Like television. Like the Hisense A7 QLED, TV with stunning contrast, impressive black level & stereo sound. Besides superb technology, its modern design will impress everyone, taking them to another level with easy to understand and quick to navigate Hisense OS platform called VIDAA.

With the A7 you will treat yourself with 4K TV that pulls you right into the center of the action. Oversaturated and unnatural colors are thing of the past as A7 will produce only vivid yet authentic colors for your viewing experience to be closer than ever to the real world .

With HDR10+ this TV reproduces brighter, more accurate scenes. Details in both shadows and highlights are more clear and the colors are dramatically more vibrant. TV is equipped with the most updated Dolby Vision technology which will leverage the full intelligence of your TV to deliver a perfect picture in any room for every viewing moment.

Oh, and one more thing, much like your computer or smartphone, a Smart TV runs an operating system that brings everything together. Hisense TVs run their own operating system, which is called VIDAA. More about VIDAA check here.