Ensuring that all customers are able to experience the best of Hisense TV’s and their favourite viewing content is paramount to us. This ethos is also something shared by Freeview and their commitment to accessible TV viewing has been unwavering*. That’s why we were thrilled to be partnering with Freeview to raise awareness for Accessible TV.  

Freeview provide a free platform for people to watch the best of TV without having the stress of pricy subscriptions and complicated sign-up fees. Available for anyone and everyone, Freeview is available on a range of TV models, and Hisense TVs are part of the thousands on the list. The fact that some customers may not know about the range of settings available to them to improve accessibility is something we had to fix. Whilst we’ve collaborated with several influencers with visual impairments on our socials to further spread the positive message, in this blog were going to be shouting loud and proud about all the amazing functions you can customise on Freeview Live TV with your Hisense TV. So, grab that remote control and take control!  

When it comes to Freeview, there are over eighty amazing drama-packed channels at your fingertips, totally free! But sometimes you can’t fully get lost in the story, well that was until now. The Freeview Accessibility TV Guide is just three taps away. Simply press 555 to unlock a menu display that is fully accessibility focused.  Here are just some of the incredible settings you can adjust on live TV to meet your unique needs: 

Accessibility functions for Visual Impairments 

When the screen starts to blur into one big mess it’s hard to sit back, relax and enjoy. However, you can now easily set a high contrast user interface with colours that stand out. Reading programme names and navigating where you want to click is now easy peasy! 

Tiny writing will have you squinting every five seconds which is a real pain, but now you can select screen magnification. Rest those eyes and allow the TV to do all the work for you, so all you need to worry about is what series to binge next.  

Another great setting is text-to-speech, which reads out the words to you, so you don’t need to spend any time reading the long list of shows, a total game changer.  

Accessibility functions for Hearing Impairments  

For extra insight on everything that’s happening on screen, especially when the characters are talking with their eyes not words, Audio Description ensures you know exactly what’s going on.  

Subtitles can also be enabled which allows you to keep on track of all that’s being said, even with any distractions you might have around you.  

Finally, sign language interpreters are great for anytime you may want extra insight with the on-screen action.  

When it comes to accessibility, there should be no compromise. With Freeview’s extensive range of settings and their Accessible TV guide all available on Hisense TVs, you can watch all your favourite content with no sacrifices. Check out the range of Hisense TVs on the TV hub on our website today! Explore Hisense TVs. 

*Accessibility settings are currently only available on Freeview Live TV and not On Demand