Who doesn’t want a movie theatre style screen in their living room?

Films on the big screen always seem to look so much better than when watching from your TV at home. The special effects are breathtaking, the sound is immersive, and the picture is bright and full of vibrant colours – but is it just down to the bigger screen size, or is there more to it then that?

We’ve listed some of the best films to watch on a big screen and broken down the technology behind Laser TV to better understand how Hisense 100-inch Laser TV delivers a true-cinema-experience.



If you haven’t seen this award-winning motion picture yet, it’s a must watch – with amazing visuals and music scores it’s definitely one to watch from a bigger screen! 1917 displays clever cinematography by using the one continuous shot throughout the whole film, which follows around the film’s protagonist, Lance Corporal Schofield played by British actor, George MacKay.

Hisense L5 100″ Laser TV allows the viewer to be transported into the action with 4K Ultra HD picture quality and Dolby Atmos, offering stunning pin-sharp images and individual sounds that surround you from all directions, even overhead.

War films are perfect for the big screen, but the intense experience of this particular WWI assemble is all the more reason to watch on a 100-inch screen!



An oldie but a goldie – big budget movie Inception is a fantastic film, which will leave you wondering what the heck is going on until you watch it a few more times.

A dream within a dream is an interesting concept, but when taken to its logical conclusion it takes some real cinematic magic to portray exactly what the screenplay details.

Tried and tested on the L5 Laser TV, it’s not one to disappoint – plus with TUV approved eye protection, there’s no harm in watching it more than once!


Avengers: Endgame

With over 8-million pixels of resolution, the L5 Laser TV is perfect for diving into Avengers: Endgame! Full of colour and action, you’ll need to watch this film on a TV that provides smooth motion and pin-sharp clarity.

From the huge battles to some of the incredible cinematography that is still being appreciated today – you won’t want to watch this on just any TV.

The L5 ultra short-throw Laser engine delivers stunning picture detail and colour precision whilst the 100″ ambient light rejecting screen offers a more natural viewing experience.


The Lion King

A truly brilliant Disney classic that the whole family can enjoy is the The Lion King, fantastically directed and produced by Jon Favreau. With more time spent at home recently, we can be sure to bring the cinema experience home with the L5 Laser TV – packed with incredible features and available at an affordable price.

With 4X more pixels than traditional Full HD, Hisense 4K UHD resolution provides a pin-sharp, stunningly realistic picture with beautifully natural motion and incredible detail, which really sets the standard for quality and clarity.

And what’s more, the L5 Laser TV has been certified as a low blue light hardware solution by TUV Rheinland – meaning it’s super safe for your child’s eyes. Unlike standard LCD TVs, the image you see on a Laser TV screen is reflected and not directly shone into the eyes, this allows for greater viewing comfort no matter how many hours are spent in front of the TV!


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