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What type of refrigerator best suit your kitchen style?

You are in the process of shopping for a new refrigerator before the summer comes but since your last purchase, the world of refrigeration has seriously stepped up.

The Ultimate Refrigerator for Your Home: The RS818

Are you on the hunt for a new refrigerator that will not only meet, but exceed your food storage needs?  

Explore the Cutting-Edge Technology of Hisense Refrigeration

At first glance, refrigeration may seem like a straightforward concept, but with advancements in technology and increasing options in the market, choosing the right refrigerator requires more thought than ever before. Hisense UK is here to help you jargon bust your way through the complex world of refrigeration. 

Find the Crown Competition! The Hisense Virtual Treasure Hunt has Begun

To celebrate the King’s Coronation on Saturday 6th May, we’re giving our followers the chance to win a retro fridge in either regal red, timeless black, or classic white. Join our ‘Find the Crown’ competition and explore our virtual kingdom for a chance to take the throne!

It’s time to embrace a brand-new era: British tapas for the Coronation weekend!

The air is filled with anticipation for the King’s Coronation on Saturday 6th May. It’s a time of celebration, tradition and a completely new era!

Hisense receives prestigious sustainability award from EcoVadis

In an exciting turn of events, Hisense has recently received remarkable recognition from non-other than EcoVadis.

‘The world’s most trusted company sustainability ratings supplier,’

Dishwasher technology, explained.

With Spring in full force, we want you to have the best tips and tricks to work your dishwasher, so you spend no unnecessary time this summer on washing up!

It is a common misconception that Handwashing is more efficient in comparison to dishwashing.

Pizza mode with Hisense!

Did you know that a typical British household spends around £641 on takeaway foods per year? 

KPMG found that in the UK alone, individuals spend approximately £641 on a takeaway, and a further £1508 per year on food shops. Around £700 of this shop-bought food is then wasted, per year*.  

Why a Tumble-Dryer is essential to your home

March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers is the infamous saying in the UK, and there is definitely some truth to it! April tends to be a showery month, despite the welcoming of spring and the rising temperatures. So, the luxury of hanging our washing out instead of using a tumble dryer isn’t yet here.

Celebrate Easter with Hisense by trying these fabulous, sweet treats by Chef, Rachel Green.

This year has flashed by so far and Easter weekend is on the horizon! Forgot to prepare an Easter egg hunt for the family? No need to worry.  

Step up your game this Easter with some eggciting homemade recipes!

To set you up for the best Easter Sunday, Hisense have put together a full menu, including Breakfast Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert, so you can enjoy making and eating delicious food alongside family and friends, and have a wholesome Easter Sunday!