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Best simple snacks you can create at home

Since we have been spending more time inside, our televisions have truly become our window to the world. Replacing live concerts, movies, any real-life events basically.

To help you upgrade any viewing experience we have prepared some simple and easy to follow recipes.

Get ready for Black Friday

Black Friday is a dream come true for shoppers and retailers. Make sure that is everything you ever dreamed about and that you make the most out it by reading this.

Plan, set your budget, monitor, go digital.

Let’s talk Hisense A7 QLED TV, a star model of high contrasts in deep blacks

With Black Friday around the corner let’s talk products worth splashing out on.

Like television. Like the Hisense A7 QLED, TV with stunning contrast, impressive black level & stereo sound.

Hisense’s top picks this Black Friday

Like many companies Hisense will be offering amazing deals this Black Friday, but we have also created a guide to our ‘best picks’ of what we have to offer this year. 

With Christmas festivities back with a bang this year, why not invest in your kitchen appliances ahead of all the celebrations at home.

How to use your tumble dryer this winter

Colder temperatures and unreliable weather that make drying clothes harder are already here. They are some of the reasons some households enjoy using the tumble dryers.

If you are considering getting one, we are here with answers to popular questions about tumble dryers.

How to get your laundry pristine – a student’s guide

As some students are finishing their first term at university, at Hisense, we wanted to find out the success rates of Gen-Zers with their laundry skills before they move and possibly shrink all their clothes!

After undertaking new research, we found that almost two in five (37%) of young adults aged 18-24 don’t feel confident in understanding their clothing care labels.

Gorenje complete Men’s EHF EURO hat-trick

Men’s EHF EURO 2022, taking place between 13th and 30th of January, will once again have the support of Gorenje, a Hisense company since 2018.

After the leading European home appliance manufacturers confirmed their sponsorship of the event for a third time in succession.

Green Technology for Sustainable Development, Hisense Contributes to Achieving Carbon Neutrality

The COP26 Summit formally began with the gathering of 200 countries discussing actions to protect and restore ecosystems.

Driven by green technology, Hisense continues to integrate environmental protection initiatives in all aspects of manufacturing, supply chain, and developing energy-saving products.

Delicious and easy Halloween (trick-or-) treats

Making Halloween memorable doesn’t mean spending a lot of money shopping for ingredients, it’s about having fun in the kitchen decorating cookies and turning bananas into ghosts. It’s about carving a scary pumpkin and roasting its seeds.

Don’t let the Halloween trick-or-treaters catch you unprepared with an empty cupboard.

Hisense praised by UNPD for promoting low carbon

On September 15, The Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol – an international agreement to gradually reduce the consumption and production of substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer –

entered into force for China, to regulate emissions of potent non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gases.

Black Friday 2021: Our experts share what you can expect to see from this year’s deals

Each year, Black Friday is hailed as the singular event in the consumer calendar which promises the best deals, guaranteed.

We have spoken with our very own Head of Marketing, Arun Bhatoye, to get his predictions.

Improving your laundry routine can be beneficial to sensitive skin

Choosing the right washing machine makes a big difference. Hisense offers advanced models, that have special functions and programmes.

Furthermore, the clothes cleaned with this programme also have less creases, are softer and need less ironing.