With restrictions easing and UEFA allowing a growing number of spectators into stadiums, is it time to venture out and once again enjoy the live atmosphere of a unmissable football match or stay in and enjoy the match from the comfort of your own home? With the final edging closer Hisense have prepared a list of pros and cons to help to enjoy the football either way. The tournament fittingly sets up the country’s biggest day in 55 years, this Sunday with England set to face Italy in the final match.

PROS, of watching from home

Get the best seats

Watching the football from home means  you don’t have to worry about tickets, travel and queues or having somebody in front of your seat who will block your view at the most crucial moment. Besides that, no stadium has seats that even come close to your favourite chair. Hisense offers amazing line of televisions with features that enhance each game, like the U8 series with revolutionary ULED technology that delivers breath-taking picture quality, which allows you to notice every detail. To get the best experience the U8 TV also comes with Sports Mode, a system specifically designed for sports content that enhances picture and sound and creates a truly immersive experience.

Skip the queues

While stadiums create a unique atmosphere, they also have queues which seem to last longer than half time. Whether its buying snacks or drinks, or simply entering and exiting the place, you are usually faced with a line. By watching the football at home queues are a distant memory, simply stock up your fridge and sit back and enjoy each match.


CONS, but are they really cons?


Stadiums are designed to create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, where fans can truly connect and share their love of the game. But a Hisense TV  can get you as close to the real-life atmosphere as possible. The Hisense U8 delivers breath-taking picture quality with authentic colour and brilliant contrast with clear motion so you don’t miss any detail, atmosphere at home taken care of!

Lack of fellow fans

Stadiums are a place where to meet other fans, bump into friends and enjoy the football. And while nobody can stop you from screaming as loud as you can, you often can’t join in with the crowd, or can you? Hisense U8 boasts Dolby Atmos’ crystal-clear sound quality and DTS® Virtual:X™ technology immersive audio experience. So, watching at home just got better.