It’s the first day of spring, so it’s the perfect time to begin your shift from comforting, feel good foods, to refreshing colourful meals.  Before you do this, it’s time to give your refrigerator a well awaited clean. 

Our fridges can become neglected when it comes to cleaning, but it’s important to give your fridge the care it deserves for multiple reasons.  

Which? Performed a study in 2019, where they analysed 50 swabs from 10 different fridges. These swabs shown a handful of different germs which can negatively impact your health. For example, ‘Enterobactera clocae’ and ‘Klebsiella oxytoca’ were found. These germs can be found responsible for causing respiratory and urinary tract infections, particularly for those who already suffer in those areas. 

Two other fridges had a more serious bacteria (Aeromonas) which can cause skin infections, sepsis and food borne illnesses. * 

This study from which? demonstrates how important it is to sanitise your fridge regularly to protect your family, friends, or anyone who could eat from your fridge. 

Alongside these scary stats, generally it is nice to keep your fridge presentable. Maintaining a well-kept fridge and building a better relationship with it will not only keep it clean, but also reduce your food waste and save you money; knowing what is in date in your fridge means that you are more likely to use this in a dinner rather than unnecessarily buying more food 

It is recommended by good Housekeeping to clean your fridge every 3-6 months. * 

Luckily for you, Hisense have put together a few tips for your refrigerator spring cleaning, to ensure you are doing a sufficient job. 

Have a general look: 

We often reject looking at contained items which last for a long time. Condiments and sauces can be culprits for unknown growing mould and creating a funky smell. 

So, make sure when checking your fridge to also check the date on your sauces. We would recommend using a marker pen to display when you opened a sauce or condiment. This way, you will have an idea on whether it’s time to throw it away. 

Put into a ‘freeze pile’ any food that has a limited use-buy date on it. If you veg is looking sad, but still usable, either use it that day or cut it up and put into freezer bags. There are many foods that you can save by freezing them! 

Ensure you place meat, dairy and other foods which need to be chilled in a freezer bag, or a cool area, to avoid them going off in the process. 

Deep clean 

Remove all shelves and draws, then wash with warm water and washing up liquid. When cleaning the interior of the fridge, use a cloth bathed in washing up liquid and cool water. This is so the general temperature of your fridge isn’t raised, as this could negatively impact your food. 

Ensure you get into the small corners of the fridge; we would recommend using Q-Tips to really dive in. 

Also, check your fridges temperature with your own thermometer to ensure it is around 5 degrees. This is important to assure your food is being kept at an optimal level. 

End this process by drying with a clean towel. 

Clean the exterior

This can be done simply with a cloth and washing up liquid again. Use a Q-tip to run through the seals of a fridge to remove any crumbs which may have fallen from the inside. 

Vacuum behind your fridge, where the condenser coils are located to remove dust. This will keep your appliance up and running well for a longer period. 

This should be done as a minimum once a year, but we will recommend twice if you live in a house alongside a pet! 

The Hisense RB470, and more models, can connect to Wi-Fi. This provides the convenience of being able to ensure that your food is always fresh; you can adjust your fridges temperature settings from anywhere in the world, simply by using your phones Wi-Fi app.  

Alongside this, you can take advantage of my fresh choice function, which is offered by a range of our refrigeration products.  

This allows you to decide whether you would like extra fridge or freezer room. The triple zone cooling means that a section of your fridge or freezer can be tailored to your needs, simply by adjusting the temperature between -20 and + 5 degrees. Use this compartment for the food that’s on its way out and needs freezing; for extra meal prep; or even as a drinks compartment. The choice is yours. 

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