The big screen meets the smart screen! No matter what Laser TV model you choose, it comes with an Ambient Light Rejecting Screen (ALR), this means no matter where you are watching or what light is filling the room, you are going to have the perfect picture – every time.


How does an ALR screen work?

An ALR screen works by selectively reflecting light back to the audience. This effect is achieved by positioning the projector and screen in such a way that the projector’s light is bounced towards the audience, while the other light in the room is reflected back in some other direction.

In our range we have two ALR Screens; our 100” ALR Screen has been designed for watching at any time of the day, in any room, the ultra short-throw Laser TV projects a breathtaking 4K picture onto an ambient light rejecting screen that is anti-reflective to external light sources. Allowing you to see every detail even in bright conditions.


88inch Sonic Screen is the FIRST sonic screen Laser TV in global market, the celluar bionic sound panel creates sound directly from the screen, so the sound can be tracked every moment, together with 360° sound field, 97% high fidelity true-to-life sound and 50Hz super bass.

The embedded Dolby Atmos creates astonishing clarity, richness, detail and depth that makes you feel in the heart of the action and individual sounds surround you from all directions.


We offer a screen with all our Laser TVs that ensures Hisense customers have the perfect viewing conditions and experience – whatever you’re watching!


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