Winter weather is rapidly approaching which means its time to retire the washing line and find out what tumble dryer is right for your home.

When it comes to tumble dryer shopping, it can be overwhelming. These aren’t items we shop for regularly, so when we do there are a myriad of new features that we didn’t know existed, to consider.

It’s our job to aid you in purchasing the perfect tumble dryer for your home. Whether your priority is energy saving, space, or noise, we are here to help.


Washer dryers:

If you live in a home where there is little to no space for a tumble dryer, the most convenient machine for you would be a washer dryer. These combine the chore of washing and drying together and remove the hassle of carrying wet clothes to the tumble dryer.

Hisense offer washer dryers which can hold from 8- 10kg in weight when washing and 6kg when drying, so there is a range to choose from dependant on the size of your typical load.

Noise will also be kept to a minimum thanks to the invertor motor, which generates less heat when operating, keeping noise levels low and saving energy. This is ideal for people who want to utilise their washer-dryer at night but want to avoid the noise pollution that comes alongside it.


Heat-pump tumble dryers:

Our heat pump tumble dryers are very efficient. They use a lower temperature of heat which is then recycled ; this is kinder on your load and saves you around £30 a year*.


Tumble dryers:

All of our tumble dryers have air refresh, which freshens up your clothes on a thirty-minute spin. This is ideal for things like school uniforms, jumpers, t-shirts and more which need nothing more than a freshen up.

You are also able to predetermine when you would like your tumble dryer to start with start delay. This is great for convenience, a tip from us is to set this at night, when it is cheaper to run. This way your clothes will be ready as soon as you wake up, and you’re saving extra pennies.

Utilise your eco setting as much as possible, running your machines on this setting could save up to £54 a year! *


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