We’re on a mission to look into ways to help tackle food waste at Hisense, and we have uncovered research conducted by WRAP that found only half of Brits know that their fridge should be set below 5°C*.

According to the research, the average fridge in the UK runs at 7°C. This increased temperature can cause foods including dairy products, veg and meat to go off too soon and lead to food being thrown away. What’s more, setting the fridge at this temperature can also increase bacteria production*.

As well as making sure your appliance is at the right temperature, Hisense products boast features that can help you reduce your food waste on a daily basis.

The new Hisense PureFlat Eclipse RQ760 is packed with clever features that work to maintain optimal freshness for food storage. Investing in state-of-the-art technology is a brilliant way to help keep your food fresher for longer and thus reducing excess wastage. The PureFlat Eclipse features technology such as Super Cooling and Super Freeze functions that work to rapidly lower food temperature, locking in the freshness of your food.

The PureFlat Eclipse has a dark interior that improves food visibility, making it easier to navigate and find the food you need from the fridge and is complete with an antibacterial lining for improved freshness. As well as this, the Total No Frost feature works to circulate cold air evenly throughout the fridge freezer maintaining stable temperatures throughout, with no need to defrost.

Tips to keep your fridge at a stable temperature:

  • Keep the fridge door shut as much as possible
  • Use a thermometer to check temperatures
  • Avoid putting hot food directly in the fridge
  • Use a cool bag to take food home from the shops to avoid a temperature increase


Arun Bhatoye, Head of Marketing at Hisense UK comments: “With food waste figures so high in the UK, we want to educate consumers about how they can make changes in their homes to prevent excessive wastage.

“Making small changes within your home – including ensuring the fridge temperature is correct – will have a big impact in the fight against food waste. Our product range is loaded with clever technology to help you along your way and keep your food fresher for longer.”

For more information about our refrigeration range, see here.

*Source WRAP/Love Food Hate Waste https://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/article/chill-fridge-out