Somehow, you’ve found yourself planning your dream home in which the kitchen plays a central role – it’s the place where the whole family gets together and happily prepares Sunday lunch, it’s the home of our expanding love for food and the source of our culinary creativity.

When choosing a fridge for a modern kitchen, you should keep in mind the space and dimensions you have available, as well as your needs regarding freezing and storing perishable goods. If you spend a lot of time away from home, we recommend that you choose a fridge with Holiday Mode to save energy when you’re not using it.

It’s important that you thoroughly prepare and inform yourself about all the currently available fridge features and any space limitations so that you can choose a perfect fridge and add a masterful touch to your kitchen.

Before the purchase, it’s important that you know the answers to some basic questions.


Integrated or Freestanding?

Do you lean more towards a kitchen where a fridge would function as an integral part and would even like it to match the colour of your kitchen cabinets? Modern fridge freezers are either built-in or freestanding, and we recommend that you adapt your choice to the layout of your space.

There are often differences in functionality and aesthetics between the two types, but often the decision can come down to price and convenience. Freestanding fridges are easier to install, and you can choose from various designs and colours to reflect your design tastes. Whereas integrated fridge freezers can be hidden away behind your kitchen cabinets which requires additional labour.


Size matters

Before your purchase, you should think about the amount of food you usually store in the fridge. You should also ask yourself if you need a built-in freezer. Roughly speaking, fridges with a volume of 250 litres are large enough for a family of four, but of course you should also think about space limitations.

If you live in a flat, the layout of your kitchen might prevent you from considering the largest fridge on the market, even if it is a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Realistically, measure the dimensions of the space you have available so you can narrow down your selection and arrive at the right choice for you.

Another aspect that depends on fridge size is the design of its door because you can choose between fridges with a single or double door. Double-door fridges are an excellent choice, since they preserve foods such as vegetables, meat and fresh fish for longer with special technology and therefore eliminate the need for freezing them.


Check out some of the benefits of modern technology!

Fast freezing and defrosting

There’s probably nothing that ingenious designers would not take into account when designing fridges, including among other things the fast pace of our lives. Sometimes we have to rapidly freeze certain foods, thus they developed Fast Freeze that freezes food at -24 °C to preserve nutrients and minerals and maintain its quality.

The feature also enables an intensive cooling function, ‘Fast Cool’, which is an ideal option after major shopping trips when we store substantial amounts of food in the fridge. After a few hours, the function switches off automatically and the refrigerator compartment temperature returns to its initial setting.


Energy saving

Most modern fridges feature Holiday Mode, which adjusts the temperature in the freezer and fridge compartments to lower energy consumption during the times when you don’t use it, for example when you leave for a two-week holiday!


Modern fridges operate silently

They are silent and durable and use less energy compared to fridges with an ordinary compressor.

They’re also better and more efficiently adapt to temperature changes, for example when we open the fridge door or store larger quantities of food.


Control via an LED display

Some Hisense Fridge Freezers feature an LED screen, which is built into the front of the fridge and enables immediate adjustment of temperature settings. Features like Fast Freeze and Holiday Mode can be switched on with a simple touch. Such an appliance does the thinking for you and instantly alerts you to overheating by sounding an alarm.


A special zone with adjustable temperatures 

Additional functions include My Fresh Choice, a special zone with a wider temperature range that can be ideal for storing meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. It preserves the freshness of food for much longer as well as maintains its taste and colour. 

You can easily switch between 5°C and -20°c, which is great for using the zone for all different kinds of foods!


Superior lighting

Modern fridges have no shadowy corners because they use a special technology of evenly distributed LED lighting to illuminate every part of their interiors. This way you always know which of your food items are running low and which you should use up as soon as possible.



Technological advancements are simplifying many aspects of our lives. An additional advantage of modern design is a painstakingly planned interior that provides the most favourable organisation of all containers and bottles. Many models offer bottle racks that prevent them from falling over and spilling their contents.


Opt for the latest look and smart functions

Modern fridges offer numerous features we didn’t even know existed. Choosing the right model to fulfil all your needs will save you a substantial amount of money in the long run which you might otherwise end up wasting on spoiled food.

Having a smart design of fridge compartments helps prevent this by providing the best conditions for every type of food.


Explore the latest range of Hisense Fridge Freezers and choose the perfect one for your Kitchen!