You are in the process of shopping for a new refrigerator before the summer comes but since your last purchase, the world of refrigeration has seriously stepped up. The game has changed, gone are the days when the same mundane ice box is sat in everyone’s kitchen. In this dynamic era, your fridge isn’t just about practicality, it’s a statement that deserves attention and complements your kitchen design. 

It’s time to give your classic fridge the cold shoulder and upgrade to something spectacular. There are many factors that play into purchasing your new refrigerator, such as the style of your kitchen, how much room you have, how many people are in your households, and what aesthetic you would like.  

Hisense have decided to make this decision much easier, so there’s less research to be done on your side. Continue reading to learn about the different types of refrigerators you can get your hands on. 


Combi fridge freezers are the original refrigerators, typically offering a 60/40 split, this being fridge: freezer. Crave the freshness of farm-to-table delights? Look no further! Our taller 70:30 fridge models are designed for those who prioritise fridge space to keep their vibrant produce fresh!  

This is ideal for smaller kitchens that still need a relatively large capacity (they can still hold up to 18 bags of shopping!) 

Discover Hisense fridge freezers equipped with convenient water and ice dispensers, allowing you to treat yourself to free beverages without the need for additional freezer space to store your ice cubes.  

Introducing our remarkable range of ‘frost free’ fridge freezers designed to prevent freezing at the back of the fridge. Wave goodbye to frosty surprises! 

These are a standard model, offering ample storage space while maintaining a compact footprint.  

French door: 

French doors can be described by having two doors on the top, and then a large freezer drawer at the bottom. 

Hisense French door refrigerators also all have my fresh choice. This means that they all have triple zone cooling, so if you need extra fridge or freezer space, you have access to it. My fresh choice allows you to alter the temperature of that area from 5 degrees to minus 20 degrees.  Just place all your beverages here to chill and astonish your guests with a delightful refreshment station that’s sure to impress when they come over to visit.  

Side by side: 

This design has two doors that are side by side and open from the centre. The fridge is on one side, and freezer on the other. 

These also have a larger capacity and can fit around 25 bags of shopping in them, so it is ideal for families who require a significant amount of storage space.  

This design holds a bit more room than its French door counterpart in the freezer compartment. If you have a penchant for freezing, meal prep or ensuring a plentiful supply of ice cubes for those scorching hot days, this might just be the perfect type for your needs! 

It also means that you can keep your freezer staples at the top, like frozen fruit and veg for convenient access.  

Hisense offer a ‘pure-flat’ look, which integrates your French door refrigerator into your kitchen design well, whilst also providing a modern aesthetic. 


Multidoor usually have 4 doors, which all open from the centre. 

This is another XL capacity, with two compartments for a fridge and a freezer. 

These too have triple zone cooling, so my fresh choice is there when you need it! This design is ideal for keen organisers, who have a particular way of putting away their food, or also people who use half of each!  

This could be useful for housemates, as it provides a clear divide between each side. That way, you have a fair amount of space each and don’t overstep boundaries. 

Retro fridges:
Embrace the charm of our tall fridges with retro designs, perfect for those who appreciate quirky and outgoing aesthetics 

An endless amount of room for fresh produce is ideal for those health-conscious customers who love their fresh food! 

With a pick of up to 3 colours; burgundy, silver, and black, you are spoilt for choice! 


Finally, under counter fridges do what they say on the tin, they can hide under a counter. These are ideal for smaller houses/flats or house shares if you don’t trust your housemates! 

They typically hold 7 bags of shopping, so if you are shopping for one or two, and lacking in room within your home, this could be the most desirable option for you! 

They still contain a separate crispier draw, so you can store your fruit and vegetables away from any meats or dairy and avoid cross contamination. 

The Hisense RUL178D4AW1 offers a reversible door, to fit your kitchen needs. 

So, now you are clued up on what types of refrigeration we offer, you need to find out what features you desire. Nowadays, there are a myriad of refrigeration features to choose from, which can help maintain your food for longer, and keep costs to a minimum. To find out more about these, read our other blog here.  

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