Blue January no more – choose the right TV for binge watching the most engaging shows Binge watching season is officially underway. We all know the classics: from Friends to the Office to Breaking Bad. And if you’re a devoted binge watcher like us, you have probably seen them all. Of course, if you are in the mood to follow Rachel and the gang at Central Perk again, go for it. However, if you’re looking for more inspiration, we have rounded up some of our new favourite series’ our team is binge watching right now. The best TV for long hours of watching

The first enemy of sore eyes is blue light. It has the shortest wavelength and the strongest energy of the light spectrum, which makes it the most likely to cause eye discomfort like blurry vision, eyestrain, dry eye, to sum it up, it makes your eyes tired. But here are some recommendations on managing TV binge watching.

– Pick a show and stick to it.

-Try not to watch the whole season at once, but rather limit yourself to 2-3 episodes at once.

-Take a break and give your eyes a break. follow the 20-20-20 rule, every 20 minutes look at something in the distance around 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

-Stay hydrated and stock up on some healthy snacks.

-Invest in a good TV. Like Hisense, all of our TV’s are low blue light certified so will be kinder on your eyes. 


Did you know blue light is part of a nature and our everyday lives, and is not so dangerous per se? The real issue is longer direct exposure. So, when binging TV, try to block harmful blue light through a filtered lenses on glasses, or even better, choose a device that does it for you. The Hisense Laser TV, for example, completely avoids the harmful blue light spectrum, centering the wavelength around 455 nm~465 nm and emitting 40% lower light radiation than a regular LCD TV. 

The Hisense Laser TV perfectly merges cinema feel with Smart TV functions. With a big screen up to 120’’ and Ambient Light rejection screen it offers a comfortable viewing experience, while the Ultra-short throw Tricroma Laser projector makes it easy to place right underneath the screen, just about 20–40 cm from the wall. Don’t worry about the laser being hurtful to your eyes. Hisense Laser TV has a safety proximity detection that blurs laser light if anyone (or anything) gets too close.


Now back to our list of binge-worthy shows …



If you like Tim Burton’s dark approach to comedy, you will love this one. A spin-off from the iconic Addams Family, Wednesday follows the adventures of a teenage Wednesday Addams at Nevermore Academy. There is murder, monsters, witty sarcasm, and Christina Ricci. Need we say more?


Only Murderers in the Building

Three flamboyant neighbours (Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez) with an obsession for True Crime podcasts find themselves with a sudden murder in their building. Watch them navigate cheeky generational differences and humorous skits while they try to solve the case and create their own murder mystery podcast in this crime comedy.


Black Mirror

Technology is our future. Or is it the doom of our future? Black Mirror will get you intrigued with extreme social and technological experiments. The show is unique, but you should give it a try. Every episode is its own story, so it is easy to skip the ones you don’t like.


Gilmore Girls

Mother-daughter bond, heartfelt stories, and a tale of growing up. Gilmore Girls is in our opinion one of the most underrated drama series that should definitely be on your watch list. Besides, Stars Hollow is the perfect setting for winter binge watching.


The Goldbergs

If you want to dive into nostalgia-viewing, old-school trends from the 80’s and hilarious characters, The Goldbergs are for you. The story is based on the showrunner Adam F. Goldberg’s teenage life and is full of very relatable and funny life situations from a time when mobile phones and social media were not the centre of all.



We love when a fan favourite character from a movie gets its own story development. And Loki does just that. Through the series we dig deeper into the Marvel cinematic Universe, unlocking new characters and storylines that could potentially disrupt its course. A must watch for superhero fans.