March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers is the infamous saying in the UK, and there is definitely some truth to it! April tends to be a showery month, despite the welcoming of spring and the rising temperatures. So, the luxury of hanging our washing out instead of using a tumble dryer isn’t yet here. 

It’s no secret that air-drying your clothes is much cheaper than tumble drying, but unfortunately due to the inconsistent weather conditions in the UK, it is simply not viable to rely on this as your main method of drying. 

Whilst air drying is kinder to your clothes and your homes energy consumption, it comes with a lot of inconveniences; the turnaround time for air drying your clothes in comparison to tumble drying is massively higher. Alongside that, when the weather is not permitting, having clothes lying around your house on each radiator creates more clutter, whilst still using your homes energy. 

For those who don’t have a garden, or room for internal air dryers inside of your home, it is an essential to have a tumble dryer. Believe it or not, a tumble dryer which can easily be integrated into your laundry room/kitchen is much more uniform than clothes all over the place; especially in a large, family home. 

Hisense offer Heat pump tumble dryers, which are much kinder on your bank account and your clothes. Heat pump technology recycles hot air from the drum, which absorbs moisture from your clothes. This is then stored as condensation. The remaining air is reheated, then sent back into the drum to start the cycle of drying your clothes.  

The lower temperatures which heat pumps use, are much easier on your clothes too, so it’s less likely to shrink your clothes – However, we would still recommend you check your clothes tags prior to tumble drying to avoid ruining your favourite sweater. 

We recognise that, despite the necessity of a tumble dryer, they still cost money to buy and run. So, there are several things you can do to keep your energy costs lower.  

Hisense offer Start Delay, which allows you to start your cycle as and when you like. This means you can start your cycle at a time, where it is cheaper to run. Country living* suggest that the most efficient time to run your appliances to save money would be in between 10pm and 8am. So, que your tumble dryer to start drying at 6am, and have warm, dry clothes to get out of bed to! 

The Air-Refresh function also means that you don’t have to persistently wash and dry clothes that don’t quite need it but could do with a freshen up. Air-refresh offers a 30-minute spin, which removes any odours from sport or dinner, so your clothes are ready to wear without unnecessarily deep cleaning them. 

Twin-Flow ensures that your clothes are dry the first-time round; the bi-directional air system means that even the largest of items are evenly dried, and crease free. So, there’s no need of an iron, saving you time and energy! 

So, even though the weather is complying for now, and you are enjoying the air-dried laundry, remember why a tumble dryer is necessary for the most part, and how useful it can be in a handful of situations. 

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