It is a common misconception that washing up the old-fashioned way is more efficient for a household. According to Cleanipedia*, the standard dishwasher uses approximately 9.5 litres per wash, compared to hand washing which has been estimated to use up to 60 litres at a time.

During a time where expenses are at an all time high and hosepipe bans have been put in place to reduce water usage, utilising your dishwasher could prove to be more efficient in many ways.


It saves more water

As previously mentioned, washing up by hand uses much more water in comparison to a dishwasher. Around 85% of water could be saved by using a dishwasher over handwashing. This wouldn’t only benefit you financially but would also aid in limiting water waste.


Saves time!

Whilst a dishwasher cycle typically takes longer than the average clean up from handwashing and drying, it’s a job which you can leave to the machine and complete other tasks.


It cleans your dishes better

A dishwasher reaches a very high temperature, even on an eco-setting. Alongside a dishwasher detergent this ensures everything is cleaned properly and ready for usage again. You are also avoiding either burning your hands or not completely getting rid of all germs on used utensils.


Here are some of our tips on how to use your dishwasher to its maximum efficiency and look after it properly.


Make sure it is full prior to using.

Hisense dishwashers have a 16-place setting, which means a lot can fit into your dishwasher. Ensure you fill it all the way to reduce the number of washes you must do.


Stack properly.

This comes hand in hand with the previous tip; if you stack everything properly into the dishwasher more will fit. It’ll clean the dishes and dry them better. This will save you another wash.

A general rule for stacking is heavier stuff on the bottom, lighter things on top. Hisense dishwashers have adjustable drawers; therefore, you can move to ensure everything fits in perfectly.


Leave door open slightly after a wash so that everything dries.

By leaving the door slightly open so that everything dries, you are again saving yourself another monotonous job. Pots are not left on the side to dry creating more mess, they are hidden away, maintaining a clean kitchen.

With Hisense, there is an auto-dry system which allows steam to escape after every wash, allowing the moisture to leave the machine and let everything dry.


Keep in good condition

Ensure you maintain your dishwasher well by cleaning it regularly; use a toothbrush and soapy water to scrub and soak detachable parts of the machine, then put a hot wash on with white vinegar poured into the machine. This will keep the machine clean and running for longer, which means both saving money and water!

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