We all love the sun during the summer, but it’s even better enjoyed with chilled beverages and refreshing snacks. While some fridge freezers struggle to maintain cold temperatures, the RS818 is perfectly engineered to keep you cool this summer. The RS818 truly is a summer essential with its remarkable features and incredible built-in technology. The sleek and premium flat door design with recessed handles gives a high-end finish to any kitchen and is designed to withstand the wear and tear of family life, so you can continue to enjoy its benefits for summers to come. 

No matter the drink, keep it icy. 

The RS818‘s versatile ice dispenser will make any drink a welcome relief from the heat. With options for perfectly chilled water, regular ice, or crushed ice, the RS818 doesn’t require any additional plumbing to keep you satisfied. Its generous 4.5-liter capacity also ensures you won’t need to refill it too often. It’s exactly what you need from a summer essential! 

Space for everything. 

The RS818 embodies the classic American-style side-by-side design, ideal for large families who need intelligent storage solutions. When buying food in larger quantities, it’s easy to forget items and have them go bad. Luckily, the RS818‘s side-by-side design helps prevent forgotten food from lurking in the fridge, as everything can be spaced out evenly. Special compartments for wine and soda cans prevent them from rolling around on the shelves and taking up precious space. The snack drawer also makes finding what you need effortless. Plus, the spacious 632-liter capacity provides a perfect view of all your other summer treats. You won’t need to rearrange the shelves every time you want to take something out. 

Built to last. 

Parents know that kids love to slam doors, which can be frustrating when you want your appliances to last a long time. However, with the RS818‘s soft-closing doors, you won’t need to worry. In fact, the doors on the RS818 automatically self-close when they detect a temperature of 15 degrees. This ensures your food stays chilled and helps you save energy too! Similarly, the RS818‘s inverter technology measures the temperature conditions in the fridge and makes adjustments to maintain a consistent temperature. This smart solution saves energy and keeps the fridge running quietly, so you can enjoy all the benefits of the RS818 for years to come. 

Save time with smart technology. 

We all want chilled food and drinks during summer, but no one wants to spend time defrosting the fridge. With Total No Frost technology in the RS818, cold air circulates evenly to prevent ice crystals from forming. The RS818 also uses Digital Temperature Sensors to manage the Dual Temperature Control Zone, which keeps both the fridge and freezer at optimal preservation levels. Even though food doesn’t usually stay in the fridge for long during the summer holidays, this technology helps keep items fresh for as long as possible. Alternatively, take control yourself – the RS818‘s Smart Wi-Fi Mode allows you to adjust the temperature using your phone, whether you’re at home or on the road. 

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