Choose Smarter: We're not changing the game, we're redefining it...

Welcome to Hisense, the refreshing face in the world of TV. We might be newer to the UK scene, but that just means we're here to make a memorable impression. We get it—you might not have us on your radar when it comes to premium TVs but trust us that’s about to change.

Sure, we're not as established in your minds as some other brands, but being the number two global TV brand speaks volumes. We're not here to downplay our competitors—they're great too!

While others focus on flashy sales strategies, we've been quietly working behind the scenes, figuring out how to bring you quality without compromise. Trust us, being the second-largest TV brand globally isn't just luck; it's proof of our dedication to crafting exceptional products.

This is Hisense, and we’re also living in 2023! We know your money deserves more meaningful destinations than just being splurged on tech. In an era where the latest iPhone surpasses £800, the question lingers: where does this cycle of overspending end? In a world saturated with expensive gadgets, Hisense stands as a beacon of sensible spending, ensuring that your investment is not just in technology but in a smarter, more cost-conscious choice.

So that’s us... and if you're ready for a TV experience that combines premium quality with a down-to-earth approach, welcome to Hisense. We're not just changing the game; we're redefining it.

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It’s time to Choose Smarter.

Let's fill you in: Graham always believed he knew best, so he splurged on a 2K Mini-LED TV. On the flip side, Tom didn't spend anywhere near that amount and still got the exact same spec'd Mini-LED TV. In this eye-opening video, you'll witness Graham realising, for the first time in his life, that he's wrong.

Don’t be like Graham… Be like Tom and explore our Mini-LED TV lineup. Premium tech without the premium price tag.

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5 Star Review for the U7K

Read what tech experts are saying about our U7K Mini-LED TV on Stuff.

"Thought your budget wouldn't stretch to a big, well-specced TV with all the trimmings? Think again..."

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5 Star Review for the U7K

Read what tech experts are saying about our U7K Mini-LED TV over at T3.

"A Mini-LED masterclass – without the massive price"

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Pushing technological boundaries in TV with Mini-LED:

The U7K is the star of the show, featuring the latest Mini-LED technology and Quantum Dot that delivers the most detailed, lifelike, and vivid images. Along with these break through picture developments, the U7K doesn't disappoint when it comes to powerful and immersive Dolby Atmos sound with its 2.1 channel speaker system with a built-in sub woofer. For all you gamers— experience the power of 144Hz Game Mode Pro, AMD Freesync Premium, and HDMI2.1 for smooth lag free gaming, now available on screens up to an incredible 100 inches!