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Automatic Programme

Touch Control

16 Place Settings

Auto Dry

15 min Quick Wash

Flexible Baskets

Want to be able to relax whilst your dishwasher does the job for you? No look further than the Hisense HV643D60UK. Offering 16 plate settings, it's perfect for larger families or those who enjoy hosting. With the combination of 15-minute Quick Wash and Auto Dry, your crockery and cutlery will be clean and dry in no time, enabling quick and easy unloading. You won’t need to worry about losing teaspoons amongst larger cookware either, as there’s a handy cutlery drawer to keep your knives and forks organised and in the perfect position for a thorough wash.

Quick Wash
Perfect for entertaining!

Imagine throwing a dinner party and the dishes from the main course are cleaned in the time it takes to serve dessert. This function conveniently does your dishes in as little as 15 minutes – perfect for when you’re serving multiple courses.

16 Place Settings
Ideal for large families

Reduce the time and effort it takes to wash everything up with enough space and baskets, plus a flexible interior that can be reconfigured to fit everything into one load, every time.

Auto Dry
No Extra Drying Required!!

Unload with speed, ease and no extra drying. Automatically opening the door slightly at the end of every cycle lets excess steam escape, ensuring washed items dry completely.

Third Basket
Specifically for cutlery!

Use space more efficiently and get things dry quicker with this dedicated cutlery tray. Its ergonomic design accommodates all utensils easily, improving drying times.

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  • 16

    No. of place settings

  • 15 mins

    Quick Wash Time

  • Full-size Integrated

    Dishwasher Type

  • Touch Control

    Control Type

  • D

    Energy Class

  • 6

    Number of Programmes

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❝ I love my new dishwasher it has so much room and the dishes and inside of the machine are immaculate after every wash . It dries everything beautifully. Would highly recommend. ❞

Liz BG

❝ I bought this dishwasher in all honesty because hisense are the only brand that make a different size machine that fits my kitchen. I had not heard of this brand before. Really pleased with it though! Super sparkly dishes, easy instructions and simple to use! ❞

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Hisense HV643D60UK


Available In


  • Model Number
  • HV643D60UK
  • Construction Type
  • Integrated
  • Size Type
  • Full-size
  • Number of Place Settings
  • 16
  • Number of Temperatures
  • 7
  • Number of Programmes
  • 6
  • Baskets
  • 3
  • Spray Arms
  • 3
  • Water Jets
  • 5
  • Spray Zones
  • 5

General Features

  • 15min Quick Wash
  • Yes
  • Personalisation of Programmes
  • Yes
  • Automatic Programmes
  • Yes
  • Intensive Cycle
  • Yes
  • Economy Wash
  • Yes
  • Hygiene Programme
  • Yes
  • Delicates (Crystal Glasses)
  • Yes
  • One Hour Wash
  • Yes
  • Night Wash
  • Yes
  • Water Softener
  • Yes
  • Auto Dry
  • Yes
  • Adjustable Baskets
  • Yes
  • Cutlery Tray
  • Yes
  • Rinse Aid Indicator
  • Yes
  • Salt Level Indicator
  • Yes
  • Time to End of Programme
  • Yes
  • End of cycle indicator
  • Sound and light signal
  • Control Type
  • Touch button
  • Delay Timer
  • Yes
  • Delay Timer Length
  • 0 - 24 hours
  • Adjustable Feet
  • Yes

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)
  • 598 x 816 x 555
  • Dimensions in mm's (with Package) (W x H x D)
  • 640 x 880 x 670
  • Product Weight in kg's
  • 29,5 (Net) 31,5 (Gross)

Performance & Data

  • Energy Class
  • D
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/cycle)
  • 0.85
  • Water Consumption (L)
  • 11,00
  • Cleaning Efficiency
  • A
  • Drying Efficiency
  • A
  • Noise Level
  • 44 dB (A)
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Hisense HV643D60UK



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  • Features
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33 Reviews

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  • AndyBuk



    “Excellent cleaning dishwasher”

    I've had this for 3 weeks. Very impressed with cleaning and internal layout.

  • Pepp




    I bought this a month ago very happy with this automatic set up start when is cheaper electricity

  • goodlucktrev



    “Brilliant design”

    The extra cutlery tray at the top really makes a difference as you can get bigger articles in the bottom now. Various programs work well and it cleans and dries very well.

  • Pops1949



    “Great appliance”

    We purchased the dishwasher after the failure of our original one. Love the program choices on this new one. Very much quieter than our old one. The dishwasher seems well made and well designed.

  • Nickynoozer



    “Great around dishwasher”

    I purchased this product after my old dishwasher finally gave up, I’ve not had any experience of a Hisense product but after reading the reviews and description I decided it fitted my needs at a competitive price. I have been thoroughly impressed, it is quiet, it cleans well, fits lots of dishes with the cutlery tray adding to this. It’s great that the dishwasher opens itself after the wash and releases the steam allowing the dishes to remain dry until you are ready to unload. The only improvement would be if it loaded and unloaded itself!

  • Stever



    “Good, basic machine that has required servicing”

    Purchased a few weeks ago. Seems OK, does the job. Good capacity. Unfortunately, it has developed a fault whereby it won't empty because it thinks the outlet is blocked (pretty sure it isn't, so it's probably a faulty sensor). Never had this problem with the Miele that we left when we moved...

    This review originally came from Argos

  • Bessie Boo




    I am impressed with this dishwasher. It is in the same slot as the old one but is much roomier inside. There's a pull-out tray in the top for cutlery, with slots to hold everything separate so they come out clean, dry and sparkling ( no towel drying needed) Another bonus - it's very quiet. Because it's roomier everything is dried, even plastic containers.

  • Arthur69




    Although the dishwasher had a some good features, the results were disappointing. Several of the dishes required rewashing, Compared unfavourably with our previous fHotpoint.

  • Olajumoke



    “Lovely Product”

    I bought this dishwasher last week Monday and it was installed on Friday. I started using it the same day and I love it more than my old free standing slimline dishwasher. Plates and cutlery came out sparkling clean and the dishwasher is really quiet. The delay function is a plus for me as I love washing during the night. Another feature I love is that the machine pops open after washing which aids the drying of its content. A cutlery basket would have made a difference for me but the cutlery tray at the top does just right and it's wide enough for both cutlery and bigger utensils. I was shocked when I was registering the product that my manufacturer's warrantee starts on the date of purchase and not date of installation, i was told it's a hisense policy. I find this rather ridiculous and unfair to customers.

  • Grandma JoJo



    “Excellent wash”

    The dishwasher does not seem as sturdy as my old Bosch but the wash is excellent. The place settings do not have a wide gap for earthenware cereal bowls so they take up a lot of space. I like the cutlery tray as I can arrange items so that it is easy to put away. I am fortunate that my cutlery drawer is next to the washer. If it wasn't I would prefer a cutlery basket. My kitchen is rather dark so it is difficult to see the power and start buttons but once you know where they are it is easy to put a wash on.

33 Reviews

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