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Hisense WFP9014V

Clean and fresh laundry, every time.


8 Reviews

Packed with features that will make your head spin.

With an 9kg load capacity, 1400 RPM spin speed, cutting-edge inverter technology and a pause and add function, these premium Hisense washing machines offer high-end performance for you home. And, with added features such as Crease Care for less creased items, 15-minute Quick Wash, higher door handle and a unique Snowflake design drum, doing the laundry has never felt less like a chore.

A quieter, longer lasting and more reliable motor.

Inverter Technology allows your washing machine’s motor to rotate at the optimum speed for the load. This results in lower levels of vibration meaning a quieter, longer lasting, and more reliable washing machine that uses less energy than conventional washing machines.

  • Shhh!

    A much quieter spin

  • Lasts longer

    Less wear and tear than a regular motor

  • Saves energy

    Kinder to the environment, and your pocket!

Super-fast spin removes more water to minimise drying time.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas make the most difference, like a faster maximum spin that removes more water from your wash to significantly reduce the time it takes to dry.


Pause & Add

Press pause within the first ten minutes of the wash cycle in order to add any missed or forgotten items to the machine.

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Hisense WFP9014V



  • Model Number
  • WFP9014V
  • Washing Capacity (kg)
  • 9
  • Cabinet Colour
  • White
  • Fit Type
  • Freestanding
  • EAN
  • 6901101805362


  • Energy Class
  • A+++
  • Energy Consumption (kWh/annual)
  • 177
  • Spin Efficiency Class
  • B
  • Spin Speed (rpm)
  • 1400
  • Water Consumption in Litres (annual)
  • 10732
  • Noise Level When Washing in dB(A)
  • 56
  • Noise Level When Spinning in dB (A)
  • 71


  • No. of Programs
  • 16
  • Inverter Technology
  • Yes
  • Touch Button Controls
  • Yes
  • LED Display
  • Yes
  • Snowflake Drum
  • Yes
  • Pause & Add
  • Yes
  • Child Lock
  • Yes
  • Time Delay
  • Yes
  • Smart Wash Time Adjustment
  • Yes
  • Smart Foam Control
  • Yes
  • Smart Spin Imbalance Adjustment
  • Yes
  • High Handle Design
  • Yes
  • Large , High Door Design
  • Yes


  • Cotton
  • Yes
  • Synthetics
  • Yes
  • Silk/Delicates
  • Yes
  • Large Items
  • Yes
  • Wool
  • Yes
  • Lingerie
  • Yes
  • 95° Antibacterial
  • Yes
  • Mix
  • Yes
  • Down Jacket
  • Yes
  • Sportswear
  • Yes
  • Shirts
  • Yes
  • Skin Care
  • Yes
  • Quick Wash
  • Yes
  • Rinse + Spin
  • Yes
  • Spin
  • Yes
  • Drum Clean
  • Yes
  • Baby Care
  • No
  • Dark Wash
  • No
  • Cotton Eco
  • No
  • Duvet
  • No
  • Hand Wash
  • No
  • Silent Wash
  • No
  • Intensive
  • No

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)
  • 595 x 845 x 610
  • Product Weight in kg's
  • 73
  • Dimensions in mm's (with Package)
  • 660 x 885 x 670
  • Product Weight in kg's (with Package)
  • 78

Hisense WFP9014V

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Hisense WFP9014V



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8 Reviews

  • AJ49



    “Simply Brilliant”

    I’ve had this washer for a few weeks now and can’t fault it. I love the way you can change the spin speed and temperature on each wash and the display tells you how long each wash is going to take and counts down to the end. The quick wash is amazing at only 15 mins and the pause option for those missed socks that you drop along the way is great too. Really pleased!

  • Nell




    We bought this 1 month ago and we are really pleased with it. Large drum, plenty of programme options.

  • Disappointed



    “Not the best start”

    Only had this a few weeks but cannot use it due to a worrying burning smell coming from the drum. Let's hope your engineer can sort it. Not impressed!

  • Buttercup



    “Great !”

    I have had the machine for a few weeks now and am very happy. The 9kg drum is excellent capacity and the machine has dealt well with everything I have washed. It is slightly noisier than I anticipated but that doesn't bother me one way or the other. I did a lot of research before I purchased and for the cost it has all the features that I want/need. The delivery went without a hitch and was excellent. Would recommend this machine for anyone who wants an easy to use no nonsense washing machine.

  • Marc123345




    Our last washing machine failed, So time for a replacement. One thing we wanted was energy and water efficiency for our budget as we use our machine a lot. Which also meant it needed to be quite as our last one was very noisy. So this is a big step up from our last one we had for 7 years. The features are really good. I like the memory function, which remembers how you last set up/used a program. So for example if I selected the sports programs and standard is 30c & 800 spin. If I changed it to 20c & 600 spin, next time I used that program it would automatically be set to the 20c & 600 spin. Which I like a lot so when your on auto pilot you don't have to worry about the setting. Another amazing feature is the add washing function. So like many of us have done, you put the washing on and then find you dropped a sock or something. If it is with in 10 minutes you just press pause and the door unlocks and you add what you forgot or dropped. The machine is very musical which I like as it just is different and that way if you are in another room you know when it is finished as it makes a sound. You can turn it off if you don't like it. My one gripe with this machine is that when it is washing it is super quite you forget it is on but the drain pump lets it down it is quite noisy considering the effort they went to, to much the wash cycle super quite and I feel it lets down the machine as it runs a lot. Again is still quieter than my last machine. I can't comment on the longevity of the machine as only had a month. Overall great machine and looks really nice in my kitchen.

  • regoR



    “Very good”

    Very recently installed - but hardly used so far.

  • July1



    “Great for the price!”

    Brought whilst on sale. Great looking and very quiet.

  • Haxey



    “Quieter than a Mouse!”

    I came across the brand Hisense whilst carefully researching TV’s bought one last month awesome value! When my washing machine broke I was delighted to read Hisense make a model that has a direct drive. No belt so hardly any noise and this beauty doesn’t ‘dance’ across the kitchen whilst spinning like my old German one (that cost twice as much) fantastic value too it even plays a melody when your shorts are clean! Superb value again - hats off to Hisense.

8 Reviews