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Make delicious meals with the Hisense BI64211PB Electric Oven. Its extra-large 77-litre capacity gives you plenty of room to cook for the whole family or entertain guests.

Cook anything

The oven boasts a 77L capacity and 13 functions and a full width grill, so you can cook anything from pizzas to casseroles to gooey chocolate brownies. The 5- minute preheat means you won't have to wait long to get started

Air frying

This method of baking gives the food a crispy crust, without the added fat. It is a healthy version of fast food with a lower calorie content. Suitable for small cuts of meat, fish, vegetables and pre-prepared frozen products (French fries, chicken, medallions etc.).

Even Bake

Inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens, it enables hot air to move around freely. Since the food is heated evenly and from all sides, it is always perfectly done – crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. This shape is combined also with the smart ventilation system, which enables baking on all 5 levels

Fast Preheat

With this Fast Preheat you can start your
cooking earlier. The oven reaches a
temperature of up to 200˚C in less than 5
minutes, which is much faster than standard
preheating. This is very convenient for
recipes that require a preheated oven. A light
and sound signal informs your when the
desired temperature is reached.

Steam Add

Simply add water to the bottom tray and hot air will circulate around the ovens interior, resulting in perfectly risen, homemade bread.

Frozen Bake Mode

This function is perfect for cooking your store
-bought frozen foods and other pre-prepared
meals such as croissants, lasagne, French
fries, chicken nuggets and other pre-baked
frozen meat cuts and vegetables. Your
dinner will be ready quickly, without

Gratin Function

If you want your food all beautiful and crispy, we have a solution for you. Activate gratin function so the grill heater from above will deliver extremely high heat close to the surface of your food. Perfect crust is now just a touch away.

Easy-clean Quadruple Glazed Removable Door

If you have a toddler running around, these
oven doors are completely cool to touch.
Because of the advanced design with special
glazing the heat stays in the oven, making it
safe for you, your kids and pets.

All Hisense cooking appliances include a 2 year warranty as standard to give you complete peace of mind with a product that's built to last.

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  • 77 litre


  • Pyrolytic

    Cleaning System

  • A+

    Energy Class

  • Electric

    Fuel Type

  • Built-In

    Fit Type

  • 595 x 595 x 564

    Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)

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Hisense BI64211PB


Available In


  • Model Number
  • BI64211PB
  • Colour
  • Jet black
  • Fit Type
  • Built-in
  • Fuel Type
  • Electric
  • Capacity (L)
  • 77
  • Compact Oven
  • No

General Features

  • Even Bake
  • Yes
  • Frozen Bake Mode
  • Yes
  • Pyrolytic Self-Clean
  • Yes
  • Air Fry
  • Yes
  • Steam Bake
  • Yes
  • Extra Durable Enamel
  • Yes
  • Pro Grill
  • Yes
  • Preheat Assist
  • Yes
  • Pizza Mode
  • Yes
  • Gratin
  • Yes
  • Door Hinge Position
  • Bottom
  • Control Type
  • Mechanical
  • Timer
  • Yes
  • Interior Light
  • Yes

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)
  • 595x 595x 564 mm
  • Dimensions in mm's (with Package) (W x H x D)
  • 660x 620x 675 mm
  • Product Weight in kg's
  • 31.1
  • Product Weight in kg's (with Package)
  • 33.1

Performance & Data

  • Energy Class
  • A+
  • Energy Consumption (conventional) (kWh)
  • 0.92
  • Energy Consumption (fan) (kWh)
  • 0.69
  • Connected Load (W)
  • 3,500
  • Requires 13 Amp Power Supply
  • No
  • Requires Hard-Wire
  • Yes
  • Gas Safe Engineer Required
  • No
  • LPG Convertible
  • No
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Hisense BI64211PB



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41 Reviews

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  • Brad62



    “Over complicated”

    I bought this 6 weeks ago and although a bit complicated to operate it worked well. It has now stopped working, after a call to Hisense it was diagnosed with a faulty meat probe setting even though I do not have a probe. I am now waiting for an engineer to come out but have had to wait 10 days.

  • MJSul



    “Looking good so far. Still discovering.”

    Bought about 3 weeks ago. Seems sturdy and well made. The oven has a lot of features that are new to us so still discovering. 'Quick warm up' very useful. Still to try the 'air fry', the 'pizza' settings and others. Generally very pleased. One small niggle is the black control knobs have a small silver bar which can easily be seen, until they are used (turned) - then the bar disappears below, which requires dipping your head to check. Clearly also needs a little silver bar on the front of the control. I'm going to have to paint one on.

  • Andy-82



    “Don't use clean function”

    I bought this as I loved all the features on it. But unfortunately after 1 month we decided to run a clean cycle on it for 2 hours and after that it hasn't worked since, everytime I try to turn it on its trips the fuse. Currently waiting 2 weeks with no oven for an Engineer to come and fix. Apart from that when the oven works it is great, the air fryer is great and the pizza setting just don't do a clean, I think it is a common problem.

  • Dunk Smith



    “Mostly good”

    Lots of choice on the combination of elements and fan to suit different foods. I really like the digital temp display in addition to the dial. Seems to cook evenly on multiple shelves with the fan running. Unfortunately the timer controls are awful and are counter intuitive. Even with practice they are awkward to use. Finally you only get one wire shelf and a pan which smacks of being manipulated into having to buy extra items that would normally be supplied as standard. So not a bad oven but let down in several ways.

  • dave2348



    “Efficient with Great Features”

    Purchased this item as a replacement for a double oven (two small ovens). Its higher efficiency makes it comparable with one of the smaller ovens. But has many more great features. The wife loves the fact that it is self cleaning!!

  • Fanny 55



    “Simple, beau et correspond à mes attentes”

    Cela ne fait que 4 jours que j'ai ce four. Je l'ai testé tous les jours. Il faut que je m'y habitue ( surtout pour la pâtisserie), mais pas déçue pour l'instant

    This review originally came from Hisense Fr

  • mund50



    “Looks good, nice digital display”

    Very happy with my purchase, love the air fryer setting, plenty of settings options. Would I buy again….yes I would.

  • Cris



    “Over complicated and confusing”

    I was going to give it a bit longer before writing a review, but after the faff I experienced last night trying to make a basic pizza here goes. Its difficult to tell when the oven is up to temperature as it beeps a couple of times and oC is displayed, at first, I thought this meant over current or a fault, if you are not in the room and miss it you may be waiting some time trying to figure out what is happening, as was I. The control knobs don’t feel very positive when selecting what function you want, they don’t locate very well in each setting, generally feel a bit flimsy. The thing is advertised with air fry option and steam injection, hmm! not sure pouring water into an oven dish in the bottom is a breakthrough in technology. Also, the advertised pictures show perforated trays (presumably for the air fry mode) and multiple racks, however the oven only comes with one rack and a shallow baking tray, not sure why when its advertised as a larger oven for families. I think you'll struggle making a Sunday roast for 6 people with what it came with. Overall not that impressed

  • 02.11.23


    “Brilliant oven, good pr - not so good instructions”

    The oven cooks well but has some nuances to get used to - we will eventually. Hard to follow instructions and far too complicated settings compared to our last oven. Good price for the size.

  • gobiron



    “Recent Purchase”

    Very very pleased with the new Hisense oven. Great controls and choice of programmes. Very efficient. Brilliant!

41 Reviews

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