A rounded shape for an Even Bake.

The Even Bake shape cooks every dish perfectly. Based on traditional wood-burning ovens, this rounded design ensures hot air circulates freely, heating food evenly so that everything you cook is perfectly done – crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.

Bake the best bread with the Steam Add function.

With the Steam Add function simply add water to a tray and chose one of three variable settings depending on the level of steam you need. Then set the desired oven temperature. The water evaporation from the steam creates a moist environment, as opposed to just hot air, allowing for the ideal environment for any dough to bake to perfection.

Steam Clean breaks dirt down quickly and easily.

Loosen grease and stains quickly and easily. Place a water filled baking tray in the oven, select Steam Clean and after only 30 minutes, grease and marks can be wiped off the stain resistant enamel with ease.

Speed up preheating

Reduce your wait for the oven to warm up by 30%. Preheat to 200˚C in just 6 minutes with Preheat Assist.

71 litre capacity
Perfect for large families.

Designed to give you the maximum oven volume within the space of a standard kitchen unit. The large 71 litre capacity makes it easier to prepare more food at the same time.

Intuitive, seamless control with Touch LED

Take total control of every dish via this intuitive LED touch screen. Select the perfect programme, set timers and enable the child lock for seamless meal prep.

Effective heat management

Dynamic Cooling prevents high temperatures damaging the oven housing. Sensitive sensors detect when the exterior walls get too hot, adjusting the heat until they reach a temperature of 60°C.

All Hisense cooking appliances include a 2 year warranty as standard to give you complete peace of mind with a product that's built to last.

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  • 71 litre


  • 11x

    No. of Functions

  • A

    Energy Class

  • Electric

    Fuel Type

  • Built-In

    Fit Type

  • 595 x 595 x 547

    Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)

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Just what I needed! Bought recently. Reasonable price, clean lines, easy and uncomplicated to use. Looks good in my kitchen. I didn't want an over elaborate oven. This, for me, is just the job. I have used both the main oven and the grill and the results were good.❞


Great value. Looks nice, reasonable price, lots of shelves, easy to use, quiet, works well...what more could you ask for? Follow up call from Hisense was a pleasant surprise too.❞

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Hisense BSA5221AXUK



  • Model Number
  • BSA5221AXUK
  • Colour
  • Stainless Steel
  • Fit Type
  • Built-in
  • Fuel Type
  • Electric
  • Capacity (L)
  • 71
  • Compact Oven
  • No
  • Number of Cavities
  • 1

General Features

  • Even Bake
  • Yes
  • Pyrolytic Self-Clean
  • No
  • Steam Clean
  • Yes
  • Extra Durable Enamel
  • Yes
  • Safe Open Sensor
  • No
  • Soft Close
  • Yes
  • Grill+
  • Yes
  • Preheat Assist
  • Yes
  • Telescopic Guides
  • No
  • Door Type
  • Double-glazed
  • Removable Door & Glass
  • Yes
  • Door Hinge Position
  • Bottom
  • Control Type
  • Dials & Touch LED display
  • Display Type
  • LED
  • Timer
  • Yes - Electronic
  • Control Panel Lock
  • Yes
  • Interior Light
  • Yes
  • Number of Functions
  • 11
  • Number of Shelves
  • 3
  • Open / Closed Door Grilling
  • Closed
  • Defrost
  • Yes
  • Grill Type
  • Electric
  • Top & Bottom Elements
  • Yes
  • Fan Assisted
  • Yes

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)
  • 595 x 595 x 547 mm
  • Dimensions in mm's (with Package) (W x H x D)
  • 635 x 660 x 680 mm
  • Product Weight in kg's
  • 29.9
  • Product Weight in kg's (with Package)
  • 32.2

Performance & Data

  • Energy Class
  • A
  • Energy Consumption (conventional) (kWh)
  • 1.0
  • Energy Consumption (fan) (kWh)
  • 0.81
  • Connected Load (W)
  • 3,300
  • Fuse Rating
  • 13A
  • Requires 13 Amp Power Supply
  • No
  • Requires Hard-Wire
  • Yes
  • Gas Safe Engineer Required
  • No
  • Flame Failure Safety Device
  • No
  • LPG Convertible
  • No
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Hisense BSA5221AXUK



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  • Value
  • Features
  • Design

16 Reviews

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  • David 19



    “A good oven but with reservations”

    It cooks very evenly and has been working well. However the diagrams on the control knobs are too small to read. Also the instruction book is printed grey on grey and again is hard to read. Finally it would have been nice to turn the interior light on for cleaning without having to select a heat programme.

  • Chris100



    “Oven light only comes on when the oven is active”

    1:The oven light ONLY comes on when the oven is active. that means you cant see anything anything inside unless you switch it on, which makes no sense when it comes to cleaning it. .If like me, you cook something and switch the oven OFF for say the last 5-10mins, when you want to see how it is getting on, the light remains off - UNTIL you switch the oven on again. It is really annoying 2:The big LED screen ONLY displays the time and timer function and what looks like a thermometer, this does not tell you the temperature, it only indicates that the oven is warming up. The screen does not indicate anything to to do with what setting is being used, or the temperature. The appearance in the picture gives the impression that this would be the case. So beware. 3: The settings and temperature are only shown on the rim of the pop-out buttons. They are very small. The illustration of what the settings are is really not that intuitive with at least two of the illustrations look virtually identical and without getting the manual out (again), I cannot recall what the difference is between them. Bearing in mind that these "emoji's" are no bigger than 5mm in size and are only visible from the side, not head on. If its dark, or you have sight issues, not sure if this is for you. 4: Steam-clean. This implies some new function that steam-cleans the oven. In fact this is a case of filling a container with water and switching the oven on. Its seems a bit naff really as a major salespoint. Bear in mind, when you switch the oven off after the suggested 30mins, the oven light goes off, leaving you to remove the guide rails and clean the oven without having a light on. - You can see why this is so annoying - again. 5: It looks good 6: Oven trays and stainless steel rails are good quality. 7. Reaches desired temperature quite quickly (audible beep) 7. Seems to cook quite evenly. Point 1 - 3 above are really a step backwards - the oven light thing, its a massive design flaw.

  • Queenie48



    “Great value”

    Looks nice, reasonable price, lots of shelves, easy to use, quiet, works well...what more could you ask for? Follow up call from Hisense was a pleasant surprise too.

  • Tokyo 2020



    “Exceptional Quality”

    This Fitted Oven is Feature Packed and Extremely Good Quality - Hisense makes Good Sense.

  • Aussie



    “Just what I needed!”

    Bought recently. Reasonable price, clean lines, easy and uncomplicated to use. Looks good in my kitchen. I didn't want an over elaborate oven. This, for me, is just the job. I have used both the main oven and the grill and the results were good.

  • 08.07.21


    “Great oven”

    I bought a few months ago and It works very well. I recommend.

  • LeeThC



    “Cooks well! Heats up quickly!”

    Although this was a budget priced oven, it performs very well! The ‘Heat Assist’ option is excellent, 0 to 200c in 5 minutes. And it bleeps to tell you it’s reached the desired temperature! It also looks great! My only criticism would be that the knobs feel cheap and are made of plastic. To add a more luxurious feel to the oven I would make them out of stainless steel!

  • B1173



    “Nice Useful Features”

    Have only used a little, like time in use feature when not using timer control. Lots of programmes seems to be quicker than my older oven.

  • NickW



    “Good value”

    I've had this for about 2 months now, most of the functions are great, but the steam clean function is hopeless.

  • Savage henry



    “Great Value”

    Very happy with this oven. Plenty of options if you need that, seems like good options for baking things. Honestly I have only used one or two of the ovens options to cook a chicken and other basic stuff. Easy enough to clean as long as you stay on top of it.

16 Reviews

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