Key Features

77L Capacity

ICON LED+ Full Touch Control

Air Fry

Food Probe

Steam Add Plus


Hi6 BlackLine

Introducing Hisense's first Wi-Fi Enabled Built-In Single Oven which is equipped with a variety of programmes and features which will help you become confident in the kitchen. With an extra-large 77L capacity, you can rustle up a Sunday dinner for the whole family or alternatively utilise the 5 cooking levels for simultaneous cooking, perfect for those batch cookers. Gone are the days of being stuck in the kitchen when you have guests round, as you can easily preheat the oven and check the progress of your meal remotely from your phone using ConnectLife. Boost your culinary skills and cook with steam, using the Steam Add Plus function, allowing hot air to circulate around the interior, resulting in perfectly risen bread, pastries and croissants. Eliminate the guesswork when cooking and take full advantage of the Food Probe to ensure your meat is cooked exactly how you like it. When it's time to give your oven a little TLC, forget the rubber gloves and grease remover and allow the Pyrolytic Self-Clean to break down the interior grease and grime, leaving behind only ash to be wiped away.

77L Capacity

Cook for a crowd
With a spacious 77L cooking interior, there's enough room to cook for the whole family. Take advantage of the 5 cooking levels and full pull out telescopic guides for effortless food preparation.

ICON LED+ Full Touch Control

Intuitive controls for one touch programming
Designed with a sleek, jet black interface, simply navigate through the intuitive interface with full touch control. Toggle through different menus or use the function touch buttons for quick and easy selection.

Air Fry Mode

Want crispy, fried food, but the healthier option?
Use the Air Fry Mode in conjunction with the perforated tray when cooking your fried foods such as French fries and chicken wings. Using little oil, enjoy guilt-free meals without having to buy an additional kitchen appliance.

Food Probe

Eliminate the guesswork
The perfect accessory for your Sunday roast preparations. By keeping track of the internal temperature, your meat will be cooked exactly how you like it. From medium rare to well done, you can guarantee delicious results, every time.

Pyro Proof Telescopic Guides

Offering ultimate convenience when cleaning and cooking
Full pull out extension guides allow checking on food a breeze. Don't worry if you've got a large casserole cooking, as the guides have maximum support when fully extended. As well as making cooking more convenient, the guides make cleaning simpler thanks to the pyro resistant coating, allowing you to keep the guides in when running the cleaning cycle.

Steam Add Plus

More than just an oven - cook with steam!
Keep the tank topped up with water to allow hot air to circulate around the oven interior, resulting in perfectly risen bread, pastries and croissants. Alternatively cook with steam to crisp up your Sunday roast meat, making it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Pizza Mode

No need for a takeaway. Crisp up your pizza dough in little to no time
Set to Pizza Mode and the oven will provide you with restaurant style results. Maximum temperature of 300°C ensures fast baking times and a delicious outcome.

22 Automatic Programmes

Let the oven do the job for you
New to cooking? Auto programmes will guide you through the process. With a variety of recipes to choose from, all you need to do it set the dish type, weight and press start, allowing you to relax whilst the oven does the job for you.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Check the progress of your cooking, from your fingertips
Allowing you to be more present when you have guests over, simply connect to the oven for fully remote controls. Preheat the oven, check the progress of your meal and even transfer recipes directly into the oven for quick and convenient cooking.

Fast Preheat

No more waiting around
Conveniently quick preheat, reaching 200°C in just 5 minutes. Perfect for those days when you are in a rush or you have hungry stomachs to feed.

Even Bake

Picture perfect results, every time
Inspired by traditional wood-burning ovens. Even Bake mode enables hot air to move around freely ensuring crispy results on the outside, while retaining moisture on the inside.

Soft Close

Silently smooth
Engineered for a smooth and silent close, whilst additionally preventing little fingers from getting trapped, giving you peace of mind.

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  • 77 Litre


  • Yes

    Pyrolytic Self-Clean

  • A+

    Energy Class

  • Electric

    Fuel Type

  • Built-In

    Fit Type

  • 22

    Automatic Programmes

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What people are saying.

Sam B

❝ This is technology at its best and I cannot praise the product too highly. If you’re a novice you can’t go wrong. ❞

Mrs P

❝ From the unboxing of this oven, I knew it was going to be something special. ❞

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Hisense BSA66346PDBGUK


Available In


  • Model Number
  • BSA66346PDBGUK
  • Colour
  • Jet Black
  • Fit Type
  • Built-in
  • Fuel Type
  • Electric
  • Capacity (L)
  • 77

General Features

  • WIFI
  • Yes
  • Even Bake
  • Yes
  • Pyrolytic Self Clean
  • Yes
  • Steam Clean
  • Yes
  • Air Fry
  • Yes
  • Steam Add Plus
  • Yes
  • Fast Preheat
  • Yes
  • Gratin Mode
  • Yes
  • Frozen Bake Mode
  • Yes
  • Pizza Mode
  • Yes
  • Number of Cooking Programmes
  • 13
  • Automatic Programmes
  • 22
  • Multiphase Cooking
  • Yes
  • Meat Mode
  • Yes
  • Meat Probe
  • Yes
  • Telescopic Guides
  • Yes (Pyro Proof)
  • Grill
  • Yes
  • Inverter Technology
  • Yes
  • Warm Plate
  • Yes
  • Stirrer Technology
  • No
  • Soft Close
  • Yes
  • Timer
  • Yes
  • Door Hinge Position
  • Bottom
  • Control Type
  • Full Touch ICON LED+
  • Display Type
  • Digital LED
  • Interior Light
  • Yes
  • Cool Door
  • Yes

Dimensions & Weight

  • Dimensions in mm's (W x H x D)
  • 595 x 595 x 564 mm
  • Dimensions in mm's (with Package) (W x H x D)
  • 620 x 660 x 675 mm
  • Product Weight in kg's
  • 34.6 (Net)
  • Product Weight in kg's
  • 36.6 (Gross)

Performance & Data

  • Energy Rating
  • A+
  • Fuse Rating
  • 16A
  • Requires Hard-Wire
  • Yes
  • Gas Safe Engineer Required
  • No
  • Flame Failure Safety Device
  • N/A
  • LPG Convertible
  • No
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Hisense BSA66346PDBGUK



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  • Value
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2 Reviews

  • Mrs P



    “Next Level Hisense Oven!”

    From the unboxing of this oven, I knew it was going to be something special. Having swapped my double oven for this single oven, I was a little apprehensive at first but I needn't have worried as the 77L capacity has plenty of room to feed my family of 4. The Jet Black colour is stunning and so classy in the kitchen. Digital touch control and an app made me feel like I work my magic with this oven. The food probe is an addition I can no longer live without and my roasts are so on point. The oven features an air fry mode where you use the air fry basket - this is fast, economical and perfection! My baking has gone up a level with the steam add. Just by adding water allows steam to circulate inside the oven. Wow. Soft, spongy perfect bakes every time. The steam really helps crisp up your meats too. The pizza mode blew my mind. The crispiest, hottest, most amazing texture of pizza that I have ever experienced from an oven - who needs a pizza oven when you have this! One of the best features within the oven are the telescopic guides. These eliminate the need to bend down and look into the oven - the food simply comes to you with the sliding guides - simple but amazingly effective. The oven comes with a fully comprehensive handbook, recipes and easy instruction manual. There are 22 programmes from roasting to baking, desserts, savouries, meat and fish. The work is literally done for you. There are a multitude of different ways to use the oven with hot air, top and bottom heaters, grill with hot air, turbo bake, gentle baking, slow cooking - the list goes on. Choose your favourite and let this amazing piece of tech do the rest. The oven door has a soft and silent close ensuring it is safe from fingers. The top off feature for me has to be the pyrolitic self clean. Gone are the days of spraying the oven with chemicals and then scrubbing clean. This does the job for you. Set the oven to clean and once the cycle is complete, simply wipe away the ash. That's it. Job done. Hisense have really thought of everything when it comes to this oven. Classy, economical and so easy to use. I love it!

  • Sam B



    “Excellent all round oven”

    I have installed the Hisense Hi6 Blackline BSAa66346PDBGUKWIFI as a direct replacement for a Stoves double gas oven. We have been considering converting to Electric from Gas for some time. My initial reservations about replacing a double oven with separate grill with a single oven have been dispelled. Installation of the Hisense oven was significantly easier than getting the gas to the old oven disconnected as this requires a Gas Safe Engineer. Although the oven is hardwired – the instructions to connect the oven are straight forward and anyone who has rewired a thirteen-amp plug would manage this without difficulty. The oven fitted directly into the existing cabinet and is designed to match standard sizing’s. The appearance of the oven is far more modern looking than the old oven and very pleasing on the eye. Anyone who has cooked with gas for a significant amount of time will understand there are significant differences to cooking with gas so there was a little trepidation to converting to electric. The Hi6 Blackline has however been designed to cater for the absolute novice through to the professional baker. First impressions are that the number of cooking options available are overwhelming, but the instruction manual is very comprehensive and there is a very good cross reference table which identifies which settings to use for various foodstuffs. In addition, Hisense have provided preprogrammed options into the ovens memory for different meals that can easily be adapted to suit and offer an excellent insight into the various different cooking combinations. A colour pamphlet supplied with the oven even gives recipes for use in conjunction with the programmes. These options are a very good idea to give users an insight into what can be achieved with different combinations of heat and steam. The touch controls on the oven are very responsive and intuitive so that after a few investigatory attempts the need to refer to the instruction manual is negated. There are also preset functions for homemade pizza’s, plate warming, keeping food warm, defrosting and air frying. In essence the oven has a top and bottom element, top grill, fan and steam function. These can be used in any combination in professional mode or as preset combinations from programmes, with the added benefit that the combinations can be altered when using the preset selections. The combinations are almost limitless. The oven also has a pyrolytic cleaning function which basically means that on selection, can clean itself by burning of grease and grime stuck to the insides by using high temperatures. It is even possible to clean some of the baking trays that come with the oven. With regard to the physical design of the oven, there are 5 shelf levels, a combination of 1 rack, 1 basket for use with air frying, 1 shallow baking tray and 1 deep baking tray. Any of the identified racks / trays will fit in to any shelf level giving great flexibility. In addition, the second shelf level has sliding arms allowing whichever tray is mounted to be slid out of the oven during the cooking process. This is a great safety feature and facilitates all the tinkering about required by the more adept cooks. There are 2 lights in the oven, one on the left-hand side and one on the top. The luminescence is superb, clearly shows the status of cooking but can also be switched off if desired. For those who really like technology (and I am rapidly becoming a convert) the oven can be connected to your smart phone using its internal WIFI and the Connect Life App. This gives the option to send baking instructions to the oven, even in stepped phases, thus reducing the need to hang around waiting for the 30 minutes or so at a higher temperature and subsequent switch to a lower temperature. The app also has access to a significant number of recipes (I’ve not counted but there are a lot), the bonus is that the recipes have baking settings which can be transferred to the oven via the app and very useful for those who want to do but don’t need to know. A function I like particularly is the ability to operate the oven remotely by the app. I preprepared a Lamb Bhuna in a casserole pot and put in the oven before I left for work in the morning. Before I left work, I transferred baking instructions to the oven and started the cooking process from the app. I set the oven to cook at 170 for one hour then keep warm. Food was cooked perfectly and piping hot by the time I got in. This saved me a lot of time in the evening, and I shall be using this function a lot. Okay – it is possible to set a delayed finish timer on the oven and programme a multistep cooking process without using the app and this will achieve the same results, but the convenience of using the app and the knowledge that I could, if necessary, stop the cooking process remotely won me over. It is worth noting that as a safety device the oven can only be operated remotely if the “Remote” function has been set (simple one tap operation on the touch controls of the oven). For peace of mind this means that the oven cannot be operated remotely unless specifically intended. It should also be noted that if the oven door is opened and closed again this will stop the remote function, something I thought a bit odd but the more I considered the more I understood the safety implications. I have been using the oven for approximately 4 weeks now and am deliberately trying every combination I can think of, but this could go on for a very long time. I have not had any poor results. My wife has baked a cakes which I am told came out perfectly (I don’t eat cake!). Most astonishingly my two sons are actively cooking, whether this is to do with the novelty factor or the introduction of technology only time will tell. Either way they have both produced some very nice food with varying degrees of understanding and capability. Which can only be a good thing. I started this review by stating that I had some trepidation over converting from Gas to Electric. My fears were unwarranted as this device has held my hand, told me what to do and got me to the point where I can now tell it what to do. This is technology at its best and I cannot praise the product too highly. If you’re a novice you can’t go wrong. If you’re a seasoned professional, you can still be shown a thing or two, (and I wager be impressed by it).

2 Reviews