Hisense Laser TV Installation

Professional Installation

Enjoy everything on the Big Screen

Rethink how you watch your favourite shows with Laser TV, bringing a new type of cinema experience to your home. Forget complicated, big screen installations, Hisense Laser TV utilizes a thin and lightweight screen that hangs effortlessly to display breath taking 4K Ultra HD resolution. The ultra-short throw console can project the image from only 28.7cm from the wall, offering a more natural viewing experience without the need for a specially darkened room. The Hisense Laser TV achieves incredible audio performance to bring ev cene to life too, with deep, rich bass and clear highs.

Already got your Laser TV?

Whether you’ve bought your Laser TV already, or you’re about to buy one, we’d be happy to help you get set up! Simply purchase the installation package through the link below, or add it to your existing Laser TV order, and we’ll take care of everything. If you’d prefer to do things yourself, we’ve included a series of handy video guides below too!

Hisense Laser TV Installation