Introducing the New Hisense RQ768N4GBE Kitchen Fit - Multi Door Fridge Freezer

Hisense RQ768N4GBE Kitchen Fit preserves more than just freshness - it sustains your health for daily life!

Hisense RQ768N4GBE Kitchen Fit is designed to become your health and lifestyle partner. The 591L large capacity refrigerator meets the daily needs of a family of three.

The RQ768N4GBE Kitchen Fit design seamlessly integrates into your kitchen with its minimal yet stylish aesthetic. Its vacuum fresh drawer creates an airtight seal to keep the freshness of different types of food for up to 10 days longer. The sterilization system can suppress bacterial growth to preserve the optimal nutrition and maximum health benefits of your food.

Discover a new world , and eat your way to wellness and vitality.

KItchen Fit

Seamlessly Integrate into Your Kitchen:-

With only about 60cm in depth, our product is designed to fit in to almost any kitchen space, you don’t have to compromise thanks to the improved hinge design giving you over 100 degrees of door opening with only a 3mm gap around.

Flexi Hinge

Hisense has always been seeking ways to bring more convenience to our customers’ lives. With our new Hinge technology, we manage to help you open the door to 103° even when it is slotted in, which makes it easier for you to grab your favorite foods inside the refrigerator.

Metal Tech Cooling

The back wall of the fridge is overlaid with stainless steel, which ensures even distribution of cool air from the inside out. This combination of advanced technologies always ensures ideal temperature levels while preventing the loss of cool air and frost build-up in the fridge.

Vacuum Fresh Drawer

By controlling the temperature, humidity and the air pressure within the drawer, Hisense’s Vacuum Fresh Drawer can prolong the freshness-keeping for your favorite foods inside. Hisense cares about your health as well as the earth. Keeping your fruit, vegetables and meat fresh for longer, meaning less food waste and also ensuring you can enjoy a health and balance diet more easily.

Total No Frost

More advanced than ordinary frost-free, the innovative Total No Frost Technology from Hisense enables circulation of cold air evenly throughout your freezer, preventing frost build-up, and eliminating the need to ever manually defrost again.


Hisense's unique HI-NANO tech. Using high concentrations of positive and negative ions, HI-NANO inactivates bacteria and virus (including novel coronavirus) and eliminates foul smells, keeping your refrigerator a safe and purified space for your stored goods. Not only is your food bacteria & virus-free, but it will also stay fresh longer, reducing expenses and waste.

Large Capacity

Hisense’s large capacity refrigerators ensure you store any shape, size or type of food, meeting all your weekly shopping needs. Comfortably fit up to 591 liters at once. Its four doors design will make sure that you can find anything you need at a glance.

Triple Zone Cooling

Avoid odors and keep food fresher, longer. Synchronous operation and independent temperature control, together with the frost-free three-cycle refrigeration system, effectively prevents odors from mixing between the fridge and freezer compartments, so food always tastes fresh.

My Fresh Choice

My Fresh Choice zone can be easily converted from fridge to freezer with temperature settings ranging from -18°C to +5°C, depending on what you want to store. By setting the temperature to your needs, you create a perfect environment for your food, efficiently prolonging its freshness and taste.

Humidity Control Drawer

The fruit and vegetable drawer with a moisture adjustable system allows you to regulate the humidity in the drawer manually to meet different storage requirements of your food and therefore keep fruits and vegetables fresh, crisp, and delicious longer than the traditional refrigeration.

Super Cool

The Super Cool System can quickly drop and maintain the fridge temperature to 2°C for 6 hours, allowing stored food to be rapidly chilled. This feature ensures the flavor and nutrition of your fresh food are kept, and also offers a great way to chill your drinks quickly.

Durable Inverter

Fridges with Inverter Technology can help you save energy, and in turn save you money. Inverter Technology monitors the conditions inside your fridge and manages the output accordingly. It also ensures a more stable internal temperature, which helps extend the life of your appliance.

Underside Diversion Cooling System

Intentionally designed to intake the air from left and outlet the air from the right, we successfully separate the cold air that comes from the outside and the hot air at the air outlet, and create a wind circulation between the underside of the refrigerator and the ground. With this system equipped, the energy efficiency will be raised.

Hisense RQ768N4GBE – Kitchen Fit



  • EAN
  • 6921727077486