How to claim
your cashback.

Follow these 4 easy steps to claim your Hisense cashback reward. Visit Hisense Rewards to submit your application. For help with claim application participants can call the helpline on 01565 656 607 between 9.00am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays in England).

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1. Purchase a qualifying Hisense TV

Between 17.06.2020 and 21.07.2020.

2. Wait 28 days

You can claim from 28 days after your purchase date.

3. Submit your claim

Visit Hisense Rewards from 28 days after your purchase date and submit your claim with a copy of your receipt between 15th July 2020 and 16th September 2020.

4. Receive your reward

Once a claim has been verified, the participant will be notified by email and the cashback sum will be transferred to the participant's bank account within 28 days of validation.

Discover the 2020 TVs included in the offer





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Qualifying Products

65U8QFTUK (£500 cashback)
55U8QFTUK (£100 cashback)

65U7QFTUK (£500 cashback)
55U7QFTUK (£200 cashback)
50U7QFTUK (£200 cashback)

50A7500FTUK (£100 cashback)
43A7500FTUK (£100 cashback)

65AE7400FTUK (£250 cashback)
55AE7400FTUK (£150 cashback)
50AE7400FTUK (£100 cashback)
43AE7400FTUK (£100 cashback)

65A7300FTUK (£250 cashback)
55A7300FTUK (£170 cashback)
50A7300FTUK (£100 cashback)
43A7300FTUK (£100 cashback)

65A7100FTUK (£250 cashback)
55A7100FTUK (£170 cashback)
50A7100FTUK (£100 cashback)
43A7100FTUK (£100 cashback)

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