Hisense M5500

User manuals


  • Where can I find my serial number?

    The serial number can be located on the back of the TV on a small white sticker under the barcode. If you are unable to access behind the TV you can also find it on the box the TV arrived in. If this is also not possible, some retailers may keep a track of serial numbers at the point of purchase, so it may be worthwhile to contact your retailer’s customer service number.

  • How do I register my product?

    To register your product please visit Hisense Warranty.

  • How do I get more apps?

    Press the home button on your remote controller and go into Apps or ‘View my Apps’. Within the App Store, you can then search and browse the latest apps for your TV.

  • Why are my channels in a random order after I updated my software?

    The new software may have cleared your old TV data. To reorder them, try re-scanning your channels via the menu settings.

  • What is the code for my sky/virgin remote control for my TV?

    This depends on the remote controller, specific to each TV model. Please call the service centre on 0191 607 5107, who will be happy to provide you with the correct code.

  • How to update the software/firmware?

    You can wait for the software upgrade automatically via your internet connection or go to our support centre and download the latest software, where you can follow the instructions to complete the upgrade.

  • Is the EPG supposed to be laggy / unresponsive?

    After the TV has been turned on, the first time EPG is used it may lag slightly. This is because it takes some time to load the programme information.