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Mini LED

Mini-LED HDR 600

Quantum Dot Colour

Hi-View Engine with AI Processing

Dolby Atmos

Smooth Motion

As a company with a mission of making the latest in TV technology attainable for everyone, Hisense has expanded its Mini LED lineup even further this year, bringing it all the way to the U6K Series. Now with premium Mini-LED and Quantum Dot technology, the U6 Series brings the latest in TV technology to everyone.

Featuring over 100 independent dimming zones, Quantum Dot colour technology delivering over 1bn colours and the impressive Hi-View engine which utilises the latest in AI processing technology to optimise both images and audio, the Hisense U6 is an impressive entry into premium TV. The ever improving Vidaa Smart platform provides you with quick and intuitive access to all of your favourite streaming content.

With a minimalistic design the ultra thin bezel frames the amazing picture quality well but also hides a deceptively strong audio capability supporting Dolby Atmos this TV places you right in the middle of the action.

Mini LED

Mini-LED technology combines tiny individual LED lights smaller than a grain of rice, grouping them into miniature dimming zones. By having these independent dimming zones this new technology gives an incredible level of control in terms of brightness, contrast and colour offering users detailed, exquisite and lifelike images to a remarkable level with superior blacks.

Quantum Dot Colour

Quantum Dot + Mini LED Experience colour like never before, Hisense TVs can reproduce over one billion shades of colour, with this amazing range of colours you can experience and enjoy colour in it's truest and most natural way.

Hi-View Engine

The Hisense quad core Hi-View Engine utilises the latest in AI processing technology. Automatically optimising both images and audio in real-time on a frame-by-frame basis, fine-tuning each frame - including resolution, brightness, contrast, colour, motion, depth and detail, delivering an image that is vibrant and lifelike.

AI Picture

Let your TV do the work with the intelligent Al Picture optimisation software. Like the world's greatest critic, your TV will analyse the composition of each frame and adjust your brightness, resolution, colour settings, and more so that each scene looks perfect - and you don't have to do anything but sit back, relax, and let your smart TV take care of everything.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos delivers the ultimate immersive listening experience allowing you to feel and hear the sounds from all directions. By precisely placing the sounds and moving them around all around you, you can enjoy immersive, natural and true to life sound. It's so realistic you'll feel every moment as if you are actually there.

Smooth Motion

Dealing with motion is one of the biggest challenges TVs have, to overcome this Hisense have developed Smooth Motion, powered by the AI processor the TV is able to identify fast-moving objects and digitally reconstructs the individual pixels to deliver fluid smooth motion.

Wide Viewing Angle

Forget the family Friday night fight for the best seat in the house, with your Hisense TV's wide viewing angles everyone can enjoy a great view and vivid colours from wherever you're sitting.

The Power of SMART

VIDAA U6 Smart OS, it offers the most compelling way to watch your favourite content. With its intuitive and customisable VIDAA U6 Smart TV OS for quicker access to your favourite entertainment from Disney +, Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube Freeview Play and more.

Voice Control Via Remote

Find your favourite content faster and more easier using the power of your voice, with our ergonomic voice remote, there’s no more typing or scrolling, you simply have to ask. Alternatively, connect your Alexa or Google enabled devices simply for a seamless hands-free control of your Hisense TV. Simply say 'Alexa', 'Hey Google' or 'Hey Vidaa' and start your journey.

Dolby Vision

Inspired by cinema technology our complete HDR solution featuring Dolby Vision™ delivers highlights up to 40 times brighter and blacks that are 10 times darker than a standard picture, ensuring you get astonishing brightness, brighter colours, deep contrast and more vivid, life like images.

Game Mode Plus

Game Mode Plus automatically fires up when a gaming connection is detected through ALLM, providing you with super smooth game play with low input lag. Let your Hisense TV help take your gaming to the next level by putting you firmly in control.

Stadium Level Enjoyment Right in Your Home

When your AI powered Hisense TV detects a sports signal being displayed, it will automatically switch to the dedicated Sports Mode giving you an immersive experience, as if you were there in the stadium itself.

Freeview Play

Enjoy your favourite shows without the price tag
The nation’s most popular TV platform offers an impressive 60,000+ hours of TV and over 1,500 boxsets, across your favourite on demand players. All for free.

Always Connected

Built-in Wi-Fi allows your Hisense TV to connect to your internet network at home giving you access a whole world of content through your favourite apps. This Hisense TV also has all of your connectivity needs covered whether it’s connecting Bluetooth® compatible devices to your TV for easy wire free entertainment or hard wiring your gaming consoles, players or set-top boxes.

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  • 55" - 65"

    Screen Size

  • 60Hz

    Refresh Rate

  • Mini-LED

    Backlight Technology

  • 3840x2160

    UHD Resolution

  • Dolby Vision.Atmos

    Sound & Picture Tech

  • VIDAA U6

    Operating System

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19 Reviews

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  • Col 1967



    “Just turned it on”

    I bought this tv a month ago I just plugged it in and away you go I’ve bought 5 Hisense tvs Very happy with them

  • annikins



    “I love the high definition”

    We bought this as a Christmas present to ourselves beats lots of useless presents.

  • Shabba



    “Great value”

    Torn between this or another leading brand of tv's. Glad I chose hisense.

  • Casey



    “New TV”

    To early to give a full review, the TV provides a much better picture than my previous TV.

  • Kavelstar



    “55’ television”

    I bought this hot buy two weeks and was happy with the packaging, it was quite easy to set up too, just a little disappointed with picture quality, it’s not sharp viewing, blurry on most channels. I might have to consider purchasing a better spec. Price was reasonable.

  • 1888




    I had this tv for only 19 before l had to take it back. My TV had black and white lines, 6 inches wide on the right side.

    This review originally came from Argos

  • dale



    “Good tv”

    worth it for vrr etc. only issue is the buttons on the remote are incredibly sensitive and you have to select source again instead of just hitting back or exit to get out of vidaa after entering it by accident

    This review originally came from Argos

  • MrKeeks



    “Horrendous shading across screen”

    This TV has a fab image quality as long as nothing is moving. If the camera moves or pans (it doesn't matter if it is video games, standard HD or UHD) I see inconsistent shading across the tv. Panning left or right it looks like vertical lines across tv, up and down horizontal lines and diagonally there is like a checkerboard effect. It is most noticeable whenever there is a uniform colour. I am not sure what this is but it is ugly and ruins an otherwise great picture. Also in video games certain objects "flicker" every time the camera pans around. There is also a lot of ghosting on this TV but activating high refresh rate mode mitigates it a little bit. All in all I very much regret buying this TV and I would not buy one again. Perhaps I am unlucky.

    This review originally came from Argos

  • Crackajack



    “Really impressive”

    I bought this tv for gaming as it offered all the specs I needed for the ps5 I’m really impressed with both the sound and picture as I was debating on getting a sound bar but there’s no need as the base on this is really good . I’ve also bought my daughter 1 for Christmas

    This review originally came from Argos

  • George



    “Great Features !!”

    The Best so Far!!Good product , worth the price,

    This review originally came from Argos

19 Reviews

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